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Luxury apartments blend into Jersey landscape

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Ste Cecilia Apartments, St. Aubins Harbour
Ste Cecilia Apartments, St. Aubins Harbour

Completed in December 2010 by Alpine Construction is a set of five luxury apartments at St. Aubins Harbour on Jersey. Known as the Ste Cecilia Apartments, the development was designed by architects Naish Waddington.

The site, which commands a view over St Aubins Bay, consisted of an existing run-down and unoccupied pre-war house with extensive terraces and a substantial surrounding of land in the form of a gulley and cotil.

Naish Waddington’s plan was to demolish the existing house and replace it with a new, modern, energy-efficient building. The luxury apartments, with balconies and roof terraces, take advantage of the views and aspect, with car parking to the north-west of the site

Architecturally, textured vertical granite clad walls are intended to contrast with the transparent glazing leading on to the balconies or sun decks. Strong horizontal emphasis is provided by the balconies and projecting roof lines with their brise soleil louvres.

The overall massing of the building, however, is broken down by a central split in form which is evident by the step in roof planes, discrete rendered wall elements and general stepping down of the massing to the western end to follow the topography of the natural cotil.

The termination of the western elements is in the form of semi-circular glazed belvederes, which offer softer shapes more appropriate to the sloping setting. These also offer the occupants uninterrupted enjoyment of the spectacular panoramic views of the bay.

In the winter, warm sunlight floods the shallow rooms through large south-facing windows. These windows also allow the heavy, internal concrete and granite clad elements to warm up passively and reduce the heating requirements.

Ste Cecilia Apartments, St. Aubins Harbour
Ste Cecilia Apartments, St. Aubins Harbour

All apartments are provided with energy sourced from environmentally friendly air heat source heat pumps in line to reduce the carbon footprint of new dwellings.

Architect Mike Waddington, of Naish Waddington architects, spoke to Premier Construction about the building’s design. He said, “Our hope was that, whilst uncompromisingly modern in their architectural design, they would be the sort of apartments that most people would like to live in. They are also targeted at the new 1-1K market that the Island is keen to attract. Indeed, to reinforce this, our clients secured 1-1K licences for all five apartments”.

He continued, “Our concept for the Ste Cecilia Apartments takes a cue from Jersey’s rich heritage of modern houses initiated by Grayson in the 1930’s and takes this theme into the 21st Century by incorporating the latest materials and construction technologies”.

“At the same time, we have not forgotten the use of local materials, with the bold use of pink granite included in our proposed palette of materials, and the prospect of a spectacular, stepped landscaped setting providing both greenery and summer shade”.

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