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The gateway for the Jersey construction industry

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Restaurant & Bar Design Show
Restaurant & Bar Design Show

The gateway for the construction industry in Jersey,, the Jersey Construction Council (JeCC), was established in July 2004 and has grown in size and influence to become the only pan-industry body in Jersey concerned with all aspects of the built environment.

Occupying a unique role within the Jersey construction sector, the JeCC is made up of companies and individuals operating within, or reliant upon, the Jersey construction industry.

The breadth and depth of the council’s membership makes it the only body able to speak with authority on construction issues without being constrained by the self-interest of any particular sector of the industry.

A strong, healthy local construction industry is vital to the future economic success of Jersey as a whole. Construction provides the facilities and premises needed by the Island –  in the health, education and other social facilities serving the community in general, plus the premises which the finance, retail, tourism and other industry sectors need to operate effectively.

Construction is the fourth most important industry in Jersey with over 4,000 employees – amounting to 1 in every 10 of the working population – depending on construction for their livelihood.

Any Jersey firm, sole trader, or (in the case of partnerships) individuals operating in the Jersey construction Industry, or reliant upon the Jersey construction industry for their livelihood, are eligible to become Full Members of the JeCC.

JeCC Members have been recruited from all major Jersey construction industry sectors, ranging from the largest contractor, consultant and supplier firms to sole traders such as electricians, plumbers, joiners and floor layers

Full Members are represented through four Electoral Colleges: Contractors, Consultants, Suppliers and Clients.

At the Annual General Meeting each October, the Electoral Colleges appoint representatives to the Executive Board, through which JeCC accomplishes its work. The Executive Board then appoints Chairmen to the Standing Committees.

Non-local construction sector firms, or other Jersey-based organisations, can become Associate Members of the JeCC. The first Associate Member was Highlands College who are the principal provider of training for the Jersey construction industry.

The JeCC Annual Jersey Construction Awards is now in its fourth year and attracting a record number of entries each year. This gala event is the most prestigious event of the year for the island’s construction industry and will acknowledge those within the industry who have achieved excellence. The JeCC 2011 Awards will take place on Saturday 17 September at Hotel de France.

The second Jersey Construction Council Construction Week will take place between Monday 12 September to Saturday 17 September 2011.  Plans are currently underway with the week involving visits to places of interest to the public, a community project being undertaken during the week and culminating in the 2011 JeCC Construction Awards event.

On Thursday 15 September, the 2011 Careers Fair will place at the Radisson Hotel and for the second time the Jersey Construction Council will be the main sponsor of the event.

A large number of organisations will be in attendance, representing a wide range of industries  who can assist students in providing a huge amount of information which will be useful to them in deciding on their future career paths.

The ‘Construction’ area of the fair will include representatives from not only the Jersey Construction Council, but also the AJA, CIGPE, CIOB and Highlands College, which will mean that any questions relating to the industry can be addressed by all the volunteers who assist on the day.

Initially managed by the JeCC, The Construction Industry Shadow Scheme is aimed at Students in years 12 & 13 and under graduates who are considering a career in construction.

Through representatives of the construction industry, selected students will be able to experience the specific sectors of the construction industry by partnering them with local professional engineers, architects and quantity surveyors for a shadow placement lasting up to one week.

The scheme is administered by the Department for Education, Sport and Culture (DfESC). Support from the Association of Jersey Architects (AJA) and The Channel Islands Group of Professional Engineers (CIGPE) ensures as many of the industry skills are made available.

Application forms will be sent out and when returned and collated by the JeCC. Once evaluated, interviews will be held, normally on one day. Interviewers will  carry out evaluations following a set criteria.

Once the student’s requirements are identified, then matching can take place. Students will ‘shadow’ for between one day and one week, giving them a sound understanding of the various roles.

As many member firms as possible are required to submit names and professions of individuals who wish to be involved in the scheme, along with their preferred times  and dates.

The JeCC’s charity, The Brick Foundation, continues to grow and provide construction-related services to worthy local causes.

Under The Brick Foundation scheme, the JeCC and Dandara have recently completed a project to convert an outbuilding into a physiotherapy and rehabilitation room for Anthony Lewis, who suffered a stroke three years ago which left him unable to speak or use the right side of his body.

He worked really hard at learning to walk again and managed to successfully complete the Jersey marathon last year over a six day period, raising a considerable amount of money for the Stroke Association.

The project created a fantastic space for Anthony from an old unusable shed in the garden of his home. A new roof was constructed and double doors were fitted at each end of the shed.

New lighting and flooring were installed, creating a light, airy space which Anthony is able to use for his ongoing treatment.

Further information about the JeCC can be obtained from their website:

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