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This Month in Premier Construction – Issue 17-1

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Dear readers,

This month’s edition of Premier Construction focuses on new visions. We explore how innovative ideas are shaping our generation and creating exciting new opportunities for the future.

Premier Construction Issue 17-1
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Arthur C. Clarke said: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Doors are being opened to a new world of possibilities, as illustrated by the groundbreaking Spaceport America project. It is only in the last fifty years that space travel has become a reality rather than a fantasy, yet the £133m project will see an increase in the commercial accessibility of spaceflight. With sustainability at the forefront of many new developments, technologies are becoming increasingly advanced. The new Montgomery Primary School has been designed as the UK’s first zero carbon school and will generate all electricity via photovoltaic cells.

Education is being delivered in exciting new ways. Furness College will be transformed in order to create world class facilities and modern learning suites. The facilities will be work related; therefore the students will already have the skills, knowledge and understanding required in the work place. In an age of iPods, Nintendos and Wii Sport, technology and entertainment are becoming increasingly synonymous. The new Leeds Arena will provide state-of-the-art entertainment for up to 13,500 spectators, whilst bringing an extra one million visitors and generating an additional £25.5m a year for the city’s economy.

We now invite you, readers, to join us as we enter a world of exciting new possibilities.


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