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Channel Islands Construction Focus Issue 17-1 is now available

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Dear readers,

The Channel Islands are a diverse and vibrant place to live and there are many exciting new developments that have been designed to maintain the future growth of the islands. This month our magazine explores the innovative projects that are shaping the Channel Islands. Across the islands, buildings are being developed to revitalise areas and establish thriving communities. Jersey’s Jardin de Haut development will provide thirty-three new homes for the island, in the process uniting a community. Once completed in 2012, it will be the perfect location for families and first time buyers.

Premier Construction Magazine/ Channel Islands Construction Focus Issue: 17.1
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Safety and security at home is paramount, but so is providing for those who are in direct contact with criminal offenders. At Jersey’s HMP La Moye, a new centre is under construction in order to create much needed space and facilities for visitors and staff. HMP La Moye provides important services for those involved in its operation and investing in its expansion will continue to maintain this hard work.

Click on the cover page to read the Fully-interactive digital version.

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