Restoring Dundas Castle

Phase Two of an £800,000 project to restore the courtyard at Dundas Castle in Edinburgh is well underway.

The Grade A-listed, 19th century Victorian castle is currently undergoing the second phase of restoration work, which will comprise the resurfacing of the courtyard, the construction of an artist’s studio and the redevelopment of two en-suite bedrooms and associated areas.

Electric, water and drainage services are also receiving an overhaul, whilst a brand new energy saving heating system is also being installed.

Restoration work will take place in three phases. Phase One was completed in December 2011 and involved major restorations to the structure of the building. Additional repair works were completed for the roof and chimneys, whilst windows were also replaced. Phase Three will commence in spring 2013 and will concentrate on the completion of 4 additional en-suite bedrooms.

The third phase will conclude the restoration work and is scheduled for completion in autumn 2013.

KJ Archibald Joinery is the main contractor for Phase Two and Three of the project, whilst the main contractor for Phase One was Hadden Construction Ltd. The architect is Nicholas Groves-Raines Architects Ltd.

Dundas Castle is an important historic building that is used for weddings and corporate events in Edinburgh. In 1992 a major programme of restoration works were set in motion to repair and improve the site. The restoration of the courtyard marks the final stage in the programme and once this is complete, Dundas Castle will be restored to its former glory.

Dundas Castle Estate Factor, David Seed, said:

“Last year we completed all of the stonework repairs and replaced the roofing on the courtyard at Dundas Castle. We are now bringing together the next stage of the restoration works. The roof is back on and we’ve corrected several problems that had occurred over time. To see it all coming together makes a huge difference for everyone involved with the project.

“We’re working with Historic Scotland to ensure that we preserve the building, and a lot of care and attention has gone into this project. We’re also modernising the way the castle is heated and we are even looking at extending this heating system to eight cottages located around the site.

“A lot of work has taken place over the last 20 years and when the castle is finally finished it will be an amazing achievement.”

KJ Archibald Joinery Company Owner, Ken Archibald, said:

“To be involved in a project like this is an absolute privilege. There’s a great bunch of people involved with the restoration work at Dundas Castle and it really has been a team effort all the way.

“When I become involved with a project like this I like to look at the long-term value of the work we’re conducting so that we are not just repairing the building, we’re maintaining the life of the castle for generations to come.”

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