Monthly Archives: October 2012

City View: Lancaster’s landmark project

Situated on Greyhound Bridge Road, Lancaster, City View is a brand new apartment block comprising 30 units. The three-storey building was constructed for social renting purposes and includes ten apartments on each level. Seddon


Westcott Venture Park takes off

Situated between Aylesbury and Bicester, Westcott Venture Park in Buckinghamshire is a 650-acre mixed-use development comprising office space, warehouses, manufacturing buildings and workshops. The £30 million site is owned by Rockspring who have recently


Rockspring: Investing in Europe

With over 28 years experience, Rockspring is a property investment fiduciary, specialising in the management and acquisition of commercial property throughout the UK and continental Europe. Throughout its vast portfolio, Rockspring has a formidable


Refurbishing King’s Theatre

King’s Theatre has reopened to the public following an extensive refurbishment project. The project was designed to improve the visitor experience at the theatre and to overhaul the existing fabric of the building. The