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This month in Premier Construction Issue 18-7

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Premier Construction Magazine- Issue 18-7
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Dear readers,

Welcome to the latest edition of Premier Construction magazine.

This month’s edition is bursting at the seams with a fantastic selection of new build and refurbishment projects, which are currently taking place across the UK and overseas.

In Premier Construction 18-7 we take a trip to Antarctica to preview Halley VI; and we cast an eye over Broadwater Farm Inclusive Learning Campus, amongst other interesting projects.

Halley VI is the latest Antarctic Research Station to be constructed on the Brunt Ice Shelf, Antarctica. The £50 million station became fully operational in February 2012, was officially opened in February 2013, and is already an icon for British science, architecture and engineering.

The installation of Halley VI replaces the 20-year old Halley V facility and is the sixth such station to be constructed on the Brunt Ice Shelf. The British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) Halley VI station was funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and the Department of Business Innovation and Skills.

Meanwhile, Broadwater Farm Inclusive Learning Campus is a brand new, two-storey primary school catering for both mainstream and special school education.

Broadwater Farm Inclusive Learning Campus is one of the first schools of its kind to be built in the country and has been in the pipeline for almost twenty years. One of the key aims of creating Broadwater Farm Inclusive Learning Campus is to help meet the increasing demand for pupil places. As an inclusive school the new development will also help to bring together children with different educational needs.

Now with all this and much more, join us as we celebrate the developments that continue to shape our landscape.


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