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This month in Premier Construction Issue 20-5

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Premier Construction Magazine Issue 20.5- Click Here!

Premier Construction Magazine Issue 20.5- Click Here!

Dear readers,

Welcome to the latest edition of Premier Construction magazine.

In this month’s Premier Construction we take a look at a couple of fantastic projects that are taking place overseas – 20th Century Fox and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. We spoke to The Netherlands based design agency D/Dock to find out more about both schemes.

20th Century Fox have recently unveiled their new office in the bustling business district of Amsterdam. The 540 square metre office completed last year and has been transformed from a traditional work space into a playful, flexible environment.

The office, situated in South East Amsterdam, has been personalised in line with the firm’s identity. The office walls have been adorned with numerous prints and graphics referencing 20th Century Fox’s impressive portfolio of films, such as The Life of Pi, Titanic and Madagascar. The new office holds 40 employees and contains closed and open offices, as well as various meeting rooms and open work places; stimulating clear and quick communication between employees.

D/DOCK were also at the helm during the creation of a brand new dining offer at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The museum was originally designed by famous architect Gerrit Rietveld and so the restaurant has been styled in line with the building’s original character. Premier Construction caught up with Francesco Messori,Design Director of the Amsterdam based interior design studio D/DOCK, who undertook the interior design on the project.

Francesco said:

We created the style of the restaurant and designed the space and layout. Working alongside successful catering company Vermaat Group we constructed the café’s layout around the company’s food and beverage and general catering strategy.

We have created a free counter system which displays an array of salads, hot meals and finger foods. The space is an environment that can be used every day for visitors but also can be utilised in the evening for special gatherings and events.”

With all this and more, join us as we continue to explore the beautiful developments that shape our landscape.



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