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This month in Premier Hospitality Issue 3-5

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Dear readers,

Welcome to the latest edition of Premier Hospitality.

In this month’s issue we find out more about the iconic Bob Bob Ricard, situated in the heart of London’s Soho, as well as exploring Brunning & Price’s newly renovated The Red Lion, nestled in picturesque Longden Green.

Bob Bob Ricard is located on Upper James Street and has been popular since first opening. Keen to remain popular the venue has recently unveiled a stunning new dining space. The Club Room, as it has been named, is an extraordinary dining area, situated on the lower ground floor of the venue. The restaurant caters for 74 guests and serves up a mouth-watering selection of dishes which will keep diners coming back for seconds.

Bob Bob Ricard Owner, Leonid Shutov, said:

“At the Club Room we want to offer the class and sophistication of old-school dining clubs like Annabel’s but without the need for membership. We aim to reach customers who wish to have a lively night out without having to compromise on the quality of food, wine or service. It is a very grown up club.”

Also available to peruse in this month’s issues is pub developers Brunning & Price most recent addition; The Red Lion. Before Brunning & Price became involved with The Red Lion the venue was a small village pub experiencing the classic problems associated with revolving door tenants.

Due to a plethora of short term owners the venue had not been able to provide a well rounded offer to the local community for 12 years. Brunning & Price were eager to revamp the venue and purchased the site, as well as additional land, and following numerous meetings with local residents and the parish council set about work to renovate the venue.

Premier Hospitality caught up with Graham Price, co-founder of Brunning & Price, to find out more about the recently renovated venue. Graham said:

“The land we have acquired lies on a conservation area, so we spoke to planners and conservation officers to ensure we retained the charming small brick built village pub at the heart of the site, but also extended it substantially to offer a decent pub with decent food.”

With all this and more, sit back and tuck in to another helping of Premier Hospitality.




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