Monthly Archives: October 2014

Rosewell Road

A Carlsson Properties development constructing six retail units on Rosewell Road in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian are progressing well and are set to be completed in October this year. So far the main retail unit has


Schomberg House

Schomberg House is a major development in east Belfast involving a large museum interpretive centre for the surrounding community. The Orange Order is probably the largest Protestant fraternity in the world. The new centre


Saiko Kitchen

Situated in the vibrant and bustling city of Edinburgh, a cultural new street food eatery named Saiko Kitchen has been unveiled to the public. Work began on creating the venue in July, and the


RJ McLeod

RJ McLeod Ltd is a contractor that operates across a broad field of construction disciplines with resources spread across Scotland. The organisation is one of Scotland’s largest privately owned civil engineering and building contractors.