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Pure Taste

Pure Taste London, a Paleo friendly inspired restaurant, has been met with rave reviews since opening in November last year.

Pure Taste is the brainchild of Holly Redman, a nutritional therapist, chef and chemistry graduate, who wanted to share her passion for gluten-free and Paleo inspired dishes with the London dining public.

As a celiac Holly established a pop up stall in 2013 which was extremely popular despite being open just one day a week, attracting people from all over the country. Following on from the success of her stall Hollly approached business expert Adib Bamieh who assisted with the set up of Pure Taste in its restaurant form.

Adib is now one of the Directors of the firm and acts as the Operations Manager of Pure taste. We caught up with Adib to find out more; he commented:

“Holly and I originally met and discussed opening a Pure Taste restaurant in November 2013 to write a business plan. I then became more involved and we focused on opening a Paleo restaurant as it is more marketable and fashionable.

“I also bought shares in the company, which I don’t normally do when helping to set up businesses, because I saw a lot of potential for a strong business. I then became a Director.”

Pure Taste, London

Adib and Holly worked alongside Lewis Craig, retail and restaurant property specialists, to find the ideal site for the new venue. The team chose a building on Westmont Grove in Notting Hill which was previously a tapas restaurant; although the two floor venue was in a decent shape when purchased the team needed to refurbish the space in order to represent the Pure Taste brand.

The venue, which is ideal for access to transport links, was transformed into a light and airy space with the team repainting the walls in a magnolia colour and painting the Pure Taste logo on the walls.

The 50 cover, fine dining restaurant comprises an intimate seating area and bar on the first floor which serves an array of wines, beer and cider including five pure taste wine blends sourced from a biodynamic and organic vineyard in La Mancha, Spain.

Downstairs a seating area with space for 30 people has been constructed as has a small, but efficient kitchen facility. The team are in the process of constructing a garden on the premises which they will grow herbs and plants in to add flavour to the dishes on the menu.

The venue was unveiled to the public in November 2014 and has received great feedback from diners and the media since opening.

The menu comprises an array of pasture fed, organic meat and specific natural ingredients. Although this ensures the best quality of food is served in the restaurant the team have had a few issues since opening due specific suppliers not delivering as often as required. On a few occasions the restaurant has ran out of food.

Pure Taste, London

A part from a few difficulties Adib said it has been a great experience to be involved with Puire taste. he commented:

“I am very proud as are my friends and family. It is the best start up of any restaurant I’ve ever been involved with; we were taking bookings here eight months ago which is great. The positive coverage we have received is down to the chef who produces the food. I am proud of receiving the keys on the 10th October and being ready to open by end of October; my work is operational here and the fun bit for me is that I met both my budget and time frame.”


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