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Pizzarova is the latest restaurant to open its doors to pizza lovers in Bristol.

The creation of owner Alex Corbett who, having built a substantial following serving renowned sourdough pizzas to villages around Somerset from the back of a converted Land Rover, decided to set up shop on Gloucester Road, Bristol. He approached hospitality designers, Blacksheep to help evolve the brand and translate the mobile operation into a restaurant space.

Throughout the brand, the team identified a consistently close relationship between pizza and people, from the supplier networks to pizzaiolo training initiatives. They developed a manifesto based on people’s affection towards the humble food and the behaviours associated.  These were key in developing the brand assets that shift the focus from purely the product to our connections with the food, creating a fresh and playful perspective within the pizza market. Here, the pizza is not just seen as a food but as a friend.  As an establishment, Pizzarova can travel and pitch up in any location, whether temporary or permanent, but it must always hold the same characteristics and values. The pizzas must always be handmade, the materials remixed, the service honest, and the communication engaging and playful.


The resulting brand identity playfully focuses on the friendship between the hand and pizza. Meanwhile, the colour palette takes its cues from the essential components within the Pizzarova. From the red of the tomato base to the fleshy pink of the hand, its flashes add a fresh and youthful twist. The oven is the centre stage and the heart of the operation, with the craft of the hand visible to all, and the energy radiating throughout. The basic, assembled look of the furniture harps back to the origins of the operation, whilst flashes of colour and the juxtaposition of textures inject a fresh twist.

Within the shop, the food offer is simple and charming, allowing the guest to choose their own toppings from 10 seasonal ingredients alongside a weekly special and the classic margarita. This simplicity is emphasised through the shop’s language; ‘Yours’, ‘Ours’ and the one you feel in love with, the ‘Lady’ margarita for each offer.  There is no table service and instead, customers order at the counter and wait as they watch their pizzas made from scratch in the open view kitchen.


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