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It’s Cards On The Table Time

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London restaurateur, Alex Wrethman, has launched the #TippingPointCampaign petition.

Wrethman said: “We believe all British hospitality businesses MUST make a declaration on how they handle service charge, tips and gratuities and that this information should be made publicly available. This is all about transparency and exposing the facts so that hospitality customers and employees alike can make an informed decision as to how they wish to engage with the business.”

The #TippingPointCampaign declaration consists of six simple and concise questions and can be viewed on the website:

Wrethman added: “With the government consultation on tipping closing on 27 June, there are 6 days left to secure the 10,000 signatures required to ensure a Government response. We urge you to support the campaign by signing the petition and help spread the word across social channels using #TippingPointCampaign.”

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