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One of the world’s most beautiful candy shops. A place even Willy Wonka would be proud of. It goes by the name SugarSin – in a world of pure imagination, known more commonly as Covent Garden.

Born from a lifelong passion for all things sweet, all packed with love, shine and excitement, SugarSin is much more than just a corner shop, even huge retail stores Selfridges and John Lewis can’t resist their sugary sensations.  Available in their Covent Garden candy shop, online and in an ever-growing list of big name stores, it looks like everyone wants a taste of SugarSin.

And despite all allegations that they could be Umpa Lumpa’s, the owners are in fact Scandinavian sisters Anna Nilsson and Josefin Deckel who hail from Sweden – where sweets are a common treat for adults and children alike.  As a nation, the Swedish eat more pick n mix sweets than anyone else in the world. The sisters were keen to bring their own cultural take on the pick n mix concept to the UK, a place where we probably munch more sweets than anywhere else in the world – we’re just not as willing to admit it.

Barber Design was approached by SugarSin to bring a part of this culture to London. They craved to create a contemporary store concept that was enticing, colourful and would appeal to all ages. Channelling their colourful candies, the designers wanted the store to ‘turn grey clouds into rainbows’ with a vibrant decor to complement its flamboyant and eclectic selection of sweets, taking you far away from the busy streets of London. Amidst the daily grind of city life, Barber’s Design believed that: “it was important to create an oasis; a colourful wonderland with a touch of fantasy and magic that transports you back to your childhood,” said Izzy Reid, Barber Design.

The brief was that of a ‘modern Pippi Longstocking style’. This meant an exaggerated design was required, with strong bold colours to create a larger than life look, which feels both fun and contemporary. The store features black and white candy striped flooring, hanging glass bubbles, harlequin wall tile patterns and liquorice rope-effect pillars. As well as high gloss tables and shelf upon shelf of delicious sweet treats displayed in glass jars. At SugarSin you are sure to find the best and largest selection of Swedish sweets there is to be found in London, with personalised gifts and miniature candy bags as well as a very reasonably priced ‘pic n mix’ bar. The effect is a sugary Shangri-La that we don’t think you’ll ever want to leave.

The shopper’s hotspot Covent Garden is the perfect location for the business to flourish: “this, coupled with its vivid and creative retail design allows SugarSin to stand out from its competitors and become a brand to watch. We are confident that this store will thrive in its current location and we look forward to working with SugarSin in the future on any further projects,” said Izzy.

Co-Founder of SugarSin Anna Nilsson, told Premier Retail:

“We’ve been running SugarSin for 5 years and it’s been an amazing journey so far. It’s such a joy to see our customers’ happy faces when they walk into our little candy heaven. We feel that our new store is a beginning of something very big and we are so excited to see where it will take us.”

And the best part is, you don’t need a Golden Ticket to step inside – if you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it.

SugarSin has recently been shortlisted for a Retail Week Interior Design – CAPS Group Best Small Store Award’. The winner will Be announced 3rd Nov 2016.



Concession focus on custom-made furniture fit outs. For over 10 years, the company specialises in ambitious and individual projects. Concession has around 50 skilled carpenters and fully equipped machine park, their field of interest ranges from shops and cafes to cinemas. The well-established company have worked with clients all over Europe; you can find their products in almost every cinema in Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Poland. In UK Concession have worked with The Jelly Bean Factory, Parkway Cinemas, and have just have started to work with VUE.

Concession followed the ideas of Barber Design Consultancy for the SugarSin project. They personally created the furniture for the candy shop – they wanted to fit into the magical and playful atmosphere of the store.

Zuzanna Płudowska of Concession, said:

“It gives us a lot of satisfaction when the final result brings profits for our customers and moreover looks outstanding on the market. The SugarSin project was very interesting from the beginning. It is evident that Sugar Sin owners love their work and are deeply engaged in their activity.”

CEO Adam Jackowski, added:

“The hard work, pursuit of perfection and willingness to accept new challenges leads to constant growth and development of our company. We are grateful for the possibility of cooperation with recognised design agencies, architects and passionate clients.”

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