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Alkhallafi High jewellery

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Alkhallafi High jewellery

Alkhallafi High jewellery

Alkhallafi High jewellery recently opened a new office space located in the Dubai Design District in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Designed by Olive Tree Design Management, the building where the office is located was pre-built to its shell and core by the main developer for the area.

Planning stages of the project began in May 2015 and it wasn’t until March of this year that it was completed and handed over.

The office is around 200m2 and is spread across one floor with seven rooms and spaces that each serve a particular function, all of which are key to the business. The design of the office was to create a luxurious but relaxed atmosphere with a focus on a single client experience. “A lot of the design was spent in the early phases of the project, micro space planning that then later developed into key details of the office,” commented Mehmet Aktash, the Interior Designer of the project from Olive Tree Design Management.

From the first step through the door, customers are greeted with an interior that is heavily influenced by natural materials. Working closely with a local company called Luster Interiors L.L.C, the design brief for the interior meant solid oak, stone, marble brushed bronze and mirrors were used to create a sense of opulence that runs throughout the space. “The project involved lateral thinking, lots of patience and the clever use of simple yet beautiful materials,” added Mehmet, “we had a great opportunity to design something unique as we started from a complete blank canvas.”

As soon as customers enter the office, they are met with Bookmatch Palissandro gold flooring with solid oak boarders, bronze mirror walls and recessed shadow gap skirting. Through soft finishes the visitors lounge is elevated with an overwhelming sense of luxury which highlights the high-end Alkahallafi High jewellery brand.

The design of the space means that the front of house area bleeds into the back of house spaces using the internal timber frame and glass partitions to continue the high-end feel. The designer’s office is partitioned using solid oak framing and single sheet glass to provide a framed live view of the designers. The materials used were chosen to make the project as environmentally friendly as possible. “We specifically selected natural sustainable materials,” commented Mehmet.

Alkhallafi High jewellery

As with any project there were difficulties that the design team had to overcome. “The biggest difficulty was space. Given the use of the office and the number of individual spaces that were required it was only through long periods of planning that we were able to narrow the design down to a workable environment,” said Mehmet. The office is a very diverse space which had to meet to certain standards given the use and function of the office.

For Mehmet, the project was of significant importance. “This project became a true labour of love as it re-ignited my love for design that had been lying dormant for many years. It was also a signature project by being the first official project for our new company,” added Mehmet.

Due to the luxurious design, the project was nominated and became a finalist in the ‘Office Design’ category of the SBID International Design Awards 2016. “To be nominated along side some of the largest names in the industry at such an iconic international awards as the SBID, is truly humbling. It provides an unexpected feeling of true recognition among so many peers, that your many years of study and work have now been accepted and that people acknowledge what you are producing is of relevance and worthy of being praised. It’s an honour being here regardless of winning, but of course deep down we all want to win.”


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