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The Fritz

Credit image: Floor Knaapen

The Fritz, a new boutique hotel in the heart of Düsseldorf, has opened giving guests an update of Paris’ legendary Ritz Hotel with its own witty brand of ostentatious luxury.

In operation since November 2016, The Fritz boasts 32 rooms and a world class restaurant and bar – Fritz’s Frau Franzi. It provides an immersive experience of luxury, extravagant comfort and tongue-in-cheek modernity.

Amsterdam-based design studio The Invisible Party was responsible for all The Fritz’s creative elements – from the name, logo and brand identity to small bespoke details such as room keys, stationary and table linens. As such, the hotel has a distinct flow and no design feature feels out of place.

The result is a playful, creative luxury that tips its top hat to an iconic hotelier who rewrote the hospitality script in the 20th century and to bygone beauty. A number of design elements allude to the over-indulgence of grand hotels. Large golden brushstrokes can be found across decorative plaster walls, with smaller strokes over the concrete façade.

A unique wall covering made of silk flowers replicates a 3D version of classic floral wallpaper. The Ritz’s colour scheme has been translated into sumptuous accents and a royal blue identity. Marquee bulb signage is used to increase the glamour giving guests an exuberant entrance to The Fritz.

Each room at The Fritz has been individually designed and is characterised by exciting contrasts. Marble and luxurious colours such as gold and black are placed alongside warm wood, contemporary tones and imaginative, inspiring patterns.

King-sized beds guarantee a refreshing stay alongside a modern bathroom complete with a rain shower. Other amenities in each room include free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, smart TV and high quality natural cosmetics from Swedish company LA: Bruket. A select number of rooms also have a roof terrace to enhance the customer experience further still.

Creative Director at The Invisible Party, Vivian van Schagen, said:

“This is the sweetly nostalgic, Wes Anderson version of a fancy hotel. It may not have marble bathrooms and bellhops, but it is rich in food, people and king-size beds. We wanted to create a place where locals could come for lunch, dinner, drinks and music, and where travellers could enjoy a great meal without leaving the hotel.”

Fritz’s Frau Franzi, the hotel’s restaurant, is just as important in creating a homelike experience as the rooms are. It functions with the rest of the ground floor with the bar doubling up as a reception desk. Run by Chefs Benjamin Kriegel and Robert J. K. Kranenborg, Fritz’s Frau Franzi offers an innovative form of cuisine with unique creations produced in order to ignite flavours.

Diners are encouraged to experiment, ordering as many dishes as they wish. The meals are also great for sharing with their multiple fragrances, tastes and textures. The interior, much like the food, is warm and inviting with pedant lighting used to set the mood.

Credit images: SalMarston

In the same way The Ritz in Paris was a place where politicians, writers, actors and guests gathered, The Fritz is a dynamic environment from early morning until late at night. Art and culture in Düsseldorf is very prominent, with 26 museums and more than 100 galleries. It is also known as the fashion capital of Germany with a number of respected fashion schools.

The city also has a rich musical history housing a number of significant theatres as well as being the birthplace of electric music pioneers Kraftwerk. The Fritz is also just a two minute walk from the central railway station providing an opportunity for wider exploration.

Founded in 2010, The Invisible Party is a design studio under the creative direction of Design Academy Eindhoven graduate and former Nike brand designer Vivian van Schagen. Located in Amsterdam, the studio specialises in turning brands into three-dimensional experiences through interior and product design, styling, graphics and art installations. Dedicated to multidisciplinary collaborations, The Invisible Party works on commissions in the retail and high-end hospitality markets and counts among its clients W Hotels, SuperTrash, De Bijenkorf and Nike.

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