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An Historic 1977 Line-Up Of Trains At York Station Has Been Re-Created To Mark The Evolution Of Express Rail Travel On The East Coast Main Line Ahead Of The New Virgin Azuma (Class 800) Coming Into Service In 2018

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An historic 1977 line-up of trains at York Station has been re-created to mark the evolution of express rail travel on the East Coast main line ahead of the new Virgin Azuma (Class 800) coming into service in 2018.

The four trains in the new photograph were brought together for a once in a lifetime event, organised by Virgin Trains, National Railway Museum, Network Rail, Welcome to Yorkshire and Hitachi to celebrate the past, present and future of passenger rail travel.

The Four Trains featured in the new photograph are iconic Flying Scotsman alongside two trains from Virgin Trains’ current revitalised fleet – an HST Intercity 125 (Class 43), an Intercity 225 (Class 91), as well as the new Virgin Azuma.

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