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North Milton Estate

North Milton Estate

Investing £5.8 million in the North Milton Estate

North Milton Estate

New Forest Council recently embarked on a project to build 21 new homes on the North Milton Estate in Hampshire. Work on the £5.8 million project was undertaken by main contractor Bouygues UK and architects Parnell Design Pdp Architecture llp partnership.

The development, which included major environmental improvements across the estate, was part of the councils housing strategy to provide affordable homes to rent for local people.

Speaking to Premier Construction magazine, Project Manager, Tim Nathan said: “It is New Forest District Council’s corporate aim to provide affordable housing because there is an acute need for it and we looked at providing it through a range of needs, one of those being through our own developments. The site we identified is an existing council owned estate and we identified areas of land that we could build more properties on.”

The design of the estate began back in 2013, with contractors moving on to the site in 2015.

The development is made up of family homes ranging from a mix of small terraces, chalet bungalows and detached properties and provide one four bedroom, six three bedroom and fourteen two bedroom homes for rent.

Tim commented: “Initial feedback is that the tenants are all delighted with them. They are good quality houses and the tenants are very happy with them. “

The value of the development was £5.8 million in total: £3.7 million was allocated for housing and £2.1 million was set aside for environmental improvements.

The extensive environmental and landscaping improvements, which are due to be completed by June 2017, have included the development of a new park, several small local children’s play gardens, new planting, improved pedestrian and vehicle access routes and additional parking and lighting across the estate.

The development has been the largest residential development for New Forest District Council in over 20 years.

Tim concluded: “It has been a very enjoyable and very rewarding project to work on. It was a big project for New Forest District Council and is the largest one we have done for 20-30 years, so it was an important scheme for the council and was a nice one to be involved with. We had certain challenges getting it to site, some financial challenges and logistical challenges carrying it out, but when it got on site, works ran quite smoothly and the results are very impressive so it has been very worthwhile.”

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