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Victor and Vinny Yu, the brothers behind the award-winning Chinese restaurant Yu in Alderley Edge, have expanded their portfolio into Manchester city centre with the opening of their new venture.

Taberu is a new express food bar concept, fusing the best flavours and ingredients from the Far East. Open since the beginning of June, Taberu is the ideal destination for people on the go looking for a quick yet healthy meal.

Taberu, which is Japanese for eat, serves a range of Far Eastern street food. Situated on King Street it specialises in bao (steamed buns), with diners able to choose their meat, vegetables and sauce to accompany their bao. There is also a selection of noodles, fresh salads, snacks and Far Eastern drinks, from smoothies through to a vast array of Chinese teas.

Speaking to Premier Hospitality just before Taberu welcomed its first customers, Vinny Yu outlined the thinking behind the new venture and his hopes for its success:

“Like with any new concept, it’s all about following new fashions and trends. The bao concept is very in at the moment and we’ve combined that with healthy eating. Taberu is about giving something different yet current, healthy and tasty. The bao concept is great because nothing is fried, everything’s fresh and healthy.

“It’s basically grab and go. Everyone’s tastes are different so you can just take your bao then choose from a choice of fillings, vegetables and sauces.

“Location is a very important part of the business and we will hopefully attract a lot of footfall from offices and workers who’ve only got 45 minutes for lunch. It’s perfect for people who are always on the go.”

When you enter Taberu there is a selection of fridges with a variety of cold drinks. There are also fresh fruit pots for people to fill up and take to the counter to be made into a smoothie so customers know exactly what they’re drinking. A long counter divided into two halves is home to the bao fillings and sides. The aim is for service to take around 90 seconds to complete, with speed a key aspect of the Taberu experience.

Although the main focus is on take away, there are a small number of tables for people to eat in should they wish to do so.

Vinny added:

“My brother and I have a passion for anything to do with food. He looks after the food side and I keep an eye out for the latest concepts and trends in the market. Once we’ve got this first Taberu off the ground, it will be a weight off our shoulders just to see it take flight. From sitting in a car coming up with the idea to it actually opening is great. It’s a scalable idea so hopefully we’ll have a few more Taberu’s open in the next few years. It’s definitely different to what’s available at the moment.”


Vinny’s brother Victor is the Executive Chef at Yu in Alderley Edge and has spent several months in Hong Kong over the course of 2016, developing the menu for Taberu and is confident this healthy, fast food, will be a big hit. He commented:

“We’re incredibly excited about opening Taberu. Yu in Alderley Edge has been open for over a year now and we felt the time was right to explore a different concept, which will focus mainly on lunch time trade. The site on King Street was exactly what we were looking for and our menu, which we’ve worked on with a number of excellent chefs, has a good variety of healthy, affordable options that offer something different to the normal sandwich people are keen to get away from.”

Open since November 2015, Yu in Alderley Edge has quickly established itself as one of the best Chinese fine dining establishments in the North West. The restaurant has won numerous awards during its short history and is the only Chinese restaurant outside of London to receive the ultimate three-tier Pagoda trophy from The Legacy of Taste.

You can track the progress of Taberu on Twitter by following @Taberu_UK.

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