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Brenner Base Tunnel

Running through the Alps, the Brenner Base Tunnel is a horizontal railway line for the future. The Brenner Base Tunnel is the main element of the new Brenner railway from Munich to Verona. At

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Premier Rail Scotland


The Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme, more commonly known as EGIP, is a comprehensive package of improvements to Scotland’s railway infrastructure. The £650 million scheme is a Scottish Government priority and is being delivered by

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Premier Rail

Marl International: In focus

Based in Ulverston, Cumbria, Marl International has been adapting leading LED technology for more than 40 years. Offering customers excellent in-house design and manufacturing services, the company has access to some of the best

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Overseas Premier Rail

Almonte Viaduct

An impressive new viaduct has been created over the River Almonte, near Madrid, which will boast the largest span of high speed rail in the world, surpassing Dashegguan Bridge in China, with 336m. The

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