Refurbishing Drumry

Drumry Multi-Storey Flats- Dunbartonshire -Clydebank

A project to refurbish a collection of multi-storey flats in Clydebank is underway.

The Drumry Multi-Storey Flats refurbishment programme is being implemented by West Dunbartonshire Council as part of the Housing Capital Programme. The scheme concentrates on flat at Cleddans View, Duncombe View, Garscadden View, Gleniffer View and Peel View and is due to reach completion in 2015.

Council approved contractor, Wates Living Space is the main contractor on the project, whilst all architectural services are being provided by West Dunbartonshire Council. A number of specialist subcontractors are also working on the project, and will be co-ordinated by Wates Living Space.

In 2004, West Dunbartonshire Council engaged independent consultants to assess the structural condition of the multi-storey flats. The exercise highlighted that the blocks in Drumry required substantial investment to bring them up to standard, with work needing to take place on a number of areas of each building.

Outdated windows are being replaced, whilst ground floor doorways are being renewed. Meanwhile, existing flat roof coverings are being repaired and supplemented with additional insulation and a new waterproofing system. The work being undertaken on roofs will maximise energy efficiency and ensure that its performance is covered by guarantee for years to come.

Drumry Multi-Storey Flats- Dunbartonshire -Clydebank

As the buildings suffer from ongoing problems with dampness and water penetration, technical experts have recommended that the blocks be over-clad with an insulated render system that will make homes warmer and dryer. Existing drying rooms will also benefit from some insulation.

Mechanical ventilation systems are being added to each flat to ensure that all dampness issues can be addressed and combated. The inclusion of the mechanical ventilation system will help the project meet associated criteria set out by the Scottish Housing Quality Standard.

Finally, important measures are also being put in place to eliminate accidental exposure to otherwise concealed asbestos during building operations. This process is being undertaken in three stages and residents will be notified in advance of any asbestos surveys in their flat.

The first part of the process sees the building contractor given all existing information on asbestos that could be present in each block. Following this important stage, the contractor employs an independent specialist to carry out surveys to the parts of the building that will become exposed during the ongoing works.

The final stage of the process sees construction workers given additional training so that they can recognise and take appropriate action should they come across any unexpected asbestos.

The Drumry Multi-Storey Flats refurbishment programme continues.

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