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Rewarding Noust Boathouse

Noust Boathouse, GIA Design Awards 2014
Written by Roma Publications

Noust Boathouse, GIA Design Awards 2014

Designed to be a robust, spacious and lightweight facility, the Noust is a perfectly formed boathouse constructed from a ply box portal frame structure.

The boathouse was constructed in two phases, with the second phase being completed during summer 2014.

At the recent GIA Design Awards, the second phase of the project picked up the Wood for Good Award in the Small Works category of the prestigious Awards. The accolade has been viewed by architectural practice Tog Studio as a fantastic achievement and demonstrates the practice’s commitment to community-based projects.

The £30,000 Noust Boathouse project was delivered as part of a live-build summer school programme, which teaches practical skills and site experience. Tog Studio hosted the live-build event during summer 2014, which gave students the opportunity to participate in construction work on the scheme.

Tog Studio Architect and Director, Michael Holliday, explained:

“We host summer schools where architecture and engineering students can learn hands-on practical experience by taking part in real-life building projects. As part of this experience we work with different community groups and this is how we got approached about this scheme.

Noust Boathouse, GIA Design Awards 2014

“During the course of the live-build project we provided on-site tuition, whilst representatives from Russwood and Marley Eternit – who were responsible for the cladding to the walls and roof were on hand to offer advice.”

In total, twenty students took part in constructing the boathouse, with the final phase delivered by a team of architecture students from every school in Scotland and practitioners from as far away as New York.

The boathouse was built with curved forms, taking on the appearance of an upturned boat. The precise structural solution was prefabricated to accelerate construction time and improve accuracy and the finished building includes larch cladding which was charred to create a dramatic black colour.

The introduction of the black colour created a stark contrast between the different phases of the project when it was initially introduced, but ultimately it should accelerate the weathering-process, meaning both halves of the building will take on a silver colour eventually. Profiled sheeting on the roof unites both phases.

Noust Boathouse, GIA Design Awards 2014

Commenting on the project’s success, Michael Holliday, said:

“This project proved that our motto of helping architecture and engineering students deliver high quality and award winning community buildings is true. Not only is this an educational programme but, as proved with Noust Boathouse, the finished product demonstrates the quality of the work being conducted.”

Tog Studio comprises a team of architects and engineers who design projects which can be constructed by anyone, regardless of their experience or skill. For more information about Tog Studio, please visit:

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