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The World’s First One-Stop-Shop Health and Safety Station

The World’s First One-Stop-Shop Health and Safety Station
Written by Amy

A brightly coloured SOS Station, in recycled plastic, with all your workplace health and safety equipment in one place – guides and emergency equipment for every incident –  fire, physical injury or even cardiac arrest. Include whatever your onsite health and safety demands are.

Craig Leech, Steve Redpath and Richard Johnson – colleagues at ECGroundworks Limited, saw the need for a comprehensive solution to Safety-on-Site (SOS) that would set a new standard for the industry.

In the words of Craig Leech, “Other comprehensive solutions would need equipment sourcing from several suppliers to cover all eventualities, but this unit ticks every box we could think of for handling ‘Health and Safety’ issues at work.”

An experienced Industrial Product Designer, Nathan Partington, of North Product Design Ltd., created a prototype and provided CAD drawings for output to a CNC cutting and routing machine.

To keep the carbon footprint down the SOS Stations were constructed from HDPE sheet containing up to 80% recycled plastic content.

The manufacture was carried out by Kedel Limited, near Burnley, suppliers of recycled plastic construction materials, with years of experience working with recycled plastic.

By coincidence, the industrial product designer turned out to be the nephew of the three brothers, Kieran, Dermot and Lewis Walch, who founded Kedel in 2010.

Nathan had already designed over 30 new recycled plastic products for Kedel for the education market by the end of their first year of operation.

These safety-on-site (SOS) Stations will never need any maintenance, are more robust than wood, but light enough to move from site to site. Unlike wooden units, they will never rot, and the bright orange colour is UV stable, making them easy to locate in emergencies.


ECGroundworks Ltd: or 07803342103

Kedel Limited: or 01282 861325

Nathan Partington: or 01202 866724

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