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Logistic Republic Automation Warehouse

Logistic Republic
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Logistic Republic Automation Warehouse

A project in Taiwan that sought to flip conventional warehouse design on its head has received international recognition.

Designed by J.C. Architecture, the Logistic Republic Automation Warehouse blends mechanical and human elements to create a working environment that inspires and motivates. The project is one of 13 shortlisted in the ‘Offices’ category at the 2018 INSIDE Awards.

Premier Construction recently spoke with J.C. Architecture Founder Johnny Chiu, to discuss the aims of the project and the award recognition:


How did you first get involved with this project?

“This is a client that we have worked with on 5 to 8 projects now. We designed their warehouse from the beginning before slowly working our way into their offices. We’ve been working with them for five or six years now. This is their latest, almost like a flagship, office.”

What was the brief that you were given?

“Automation logistic is a brand new thing coming into Taiwan. Not a lot of companies can afford automation so they want something that jumps out and stands out. They don’t want to just have a metal shed with just storage facilities inside because that would not fit the brand image. Their requirement was build us something worthy of automation and human activities together.”

How long did the project take to complete?

“We worked on the project for about 2 to 3 months and it was completed this year.”

Guide us around the space. What are some of the design highlights?

“This is the third office and newest flagship. This one is a bit different because of the machines that have come inside. The client wanted to really to figure out the machine part – how does a machine work with a human. As designers we are very interested in how to let the human jump out more. There is this tug of war between how much machine and how much human activity. I think we won in the end.

“There’s a lot more human perspective design thinking that has gone into this. Normally with a warehouse the office is closed off to the storage area. We worked very hard to open that gate to allow human interactions between the storage area and office area. People can come together very fast to have a meeting, eat together or just have a break. We looked at how we could inspire the workers. We also built different types of furniture that can be moved around.”

What was the initial feedback like?

“What’s very interesting is that with warehouses, you don’t normally have someone to design it. We tried very hard to inspire the works and give them the confidence that they love to go to work each day.”

And finally, what does it mean to have nominated for an INSIDE Award?

“It’s really great. I told the client and they are very happy. We hope we can really make a change in the warehouse industry. There are more than 60,000 illegal warehouses in Taiwan because nobody wants to look at the design part – they want something cheap and fast. It looks bad and it causes a lot of environmental problems. If we can win this award, it demonstrates that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on design but you can still have a really creative approach to a warehouse.”


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