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Coombe Lane

Coombe Lane
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Coombe Lane

Coombe Lane is a recently refurbished residential property in south west London. The project, led by architecture and design studio Ampuero Yutronic, encompassed a complete internal overhaul as well as the addition of a ground floor extension.

Prior to work commencing, the 1930s semi-detached house had been left largely un-altered and as such was a dated space. Ampuero Yutronic was tasked by new owners to create an open, functional space. Speaking Premier Construction, Co-founder Javier Ampuero explained:

“The clients for this project were a South American couple. Our studio is a London based architecture and design studio but we also work in South America, specifically in Chile. The whole idea from their side was to renovate this un-modernised house and reconfigure the layout to provide much needed new functional spaces to their family home. As soon as you got into the place, and you could see the kitchen or bathroom for example were very old but also impossible to rescue as original features unfortunately.

“The client also wanted to make an extension to the rear side of the house at ground floor level. So as well as a full renovation of the property, we also had to extend it. Our idea for the extension was to connect it to the existing house without feeling that you were moving from one space to a different one. It needed to blend into the existing layout naturally. By opening up as much as possible of the ground floor level, we were able to visually and spatially connect these two different buildings.”

Other considerations that had to be made included addressing low ceiling heights and doorways.

The new building has been constructed using white, lightly textured, handmade stock brick with a light-coloured mortar. To create a connection between the new building and garden, metal framed, glazed sliding doors have been implemented. The garage has also been remodelled and extended so that it now aligns with the neighbouring building. This additional space provides a new bedroom and bathroom.

Feedback since work was completed earlier this year has been hugely positive. A significant amount has been achieved at Coombe Lane without breaking the bank. Javier concluded:

“When you go into the house, the first thing you are going to notice is that the space is flowing naturally. There are no divisions so if, for example you’re in the living room, you can see into the garden. More than opening the full width, we wanted to create big openings but stagger the space a little bit. You need to feel surprised when you’re discovering and going from one space to another.

“We are extremely happy. You need to have supportive clients that believe in your ideas. We are a new architectural design company and we understand that over time people will recognise we have a style and will look for us.”

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Coombe Lane

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