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BMT and Fenestra Malaysia to Team in New ‘Venturi Asia’ Wind Tunnel Venture

BMT and Fenestra Malaysia to Team in New ‘Venturi Asia’ Wind Tunnel Venture
Written by Amy

BMT and Fenestra Malaysia are pleased to announce their teaming in “Venturi Asia” – a new venture based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia that is set to offer advanced wind tunnel modelling and environmental physics’ support to the civil construction, architecture, and oil & gas sectors.

Venturi Asia is constructing a new boundary layer wind tunnel in Kuala Lumpur that leverages almost three quarters of a century of wind tunnel operations and support to planners, architects and engineers in modelling air flow and optimising high-performance engineering structures.

Masoud Moinfar, Managing Director of Fenestra Malaysia commented: “We are excited to be partnering with BMT on this new venture.   Our experience in façade engineering has highlighted the need for sophisticated quality-assured wind tunnel facilities in the region, and working together with BMT we look forward to establishing the new test facility in Kuala Lumpur as the premier regional centre of wind engineering support.”

Sarah Kenny, Chief Executive of BMT, commented: “This new testing facility supports BMT’s new business model of harnessing a range of top-scale wind tunnel facilities through partnering arrangements across the world. With the teaming with Fenestra Malaysia we are expanding our network and reach across Asia, that was consolidated this year by the opening of a new office in Kuala Lumpur which co-located BMT’s cross-functional teams and activities in the city”

The new facility will be the only fully commercial facility of its kind in South East Asia – supporting the rapid urbanisation of the region, and bringing world-class wind tunnel testing facilities and environmental physics’ support to the doorstep of many of its clients.  In addition, the capability of the Malaysian team, combined with expertise from colleagues from around the world, will ensure that the new facility has the potential to support a growing, global client base.

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