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Vieira de Almeida

Vieira de Almeida
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Vieira de Almeida

OPENBOOK Architecture enjoyed a successful end to 2018 after claiming two prizes at last year’s Architecture MasterPrize 2018. Its project to create a new headquarters for Portuguese law firm VdA – Vieira de Almeida, was recognized in the Architecture Design, Renovation and Restoration category, as well as Interior Design; Offices / Work Spaces.

This project was led by OPENBOOK Architecture and co-authored with PMC Arquitectos. Taking place from 2014-2017 and located in the riverside area of ​​Lisbon, one of the most sought after and most newly developed areas of Lisbon, VdA’s new office is the result of a deep rehabilitation of a former foundry from the 19th century. The premise of the initial proposal was to preserve the memory and character of the complex, but adapting it to its new use and purpose as a build for one of the most respected law firms in Lisbon.

The project involved the rehabilitation of a set of foundry warehouses. Through OPENBOOK’s design it was possible to maintain the memory and industrial character that marked an era, whilst at the same time have the building adapt to the current requirements of the users of it.

The whole body of the original industrial foundry was kept with the existing vaults preserving the main structure, the metallic elements, and the grand brick walls. The use of the geometry of the roof made it possible to create exceptional and unique interior volume, as well as allowing for natural light to enter the entire building, allowing work places to be illuminated through light wells created on all floors. The facilities the building offers include: three informal meeting spaces, a 140-seat auditorium, a library, an art gallery, a restaurant, a lounge area, 23 meeting rooms, 157 offices for a total of 380 workstations, and also a music studio and a medical office.


“This worldwide distinction is an honour and a unique recognition for our work. It is yet another award from our industry that we received with great pleasure in 2018, a much-desired distinction for OPENBOOK Architecture’s team and all its professionals and partners of Excellence involved in the implementation of this unique VdA project. It is always important to see our work being recognized by the national and international market; it is the result of a fantastic and diversified team with complementary competences and great mutual aid and active partnership, which results in this final piece of architecture with high quality work.”


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