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Bottles Draycott Avenue Chelsea

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Bottles Chelsea

Following on from its successful Old Spitalfields Market launch last year, Bottles has ventured into West London with the opening of a new site on Draycott Avenue. Bringing its signature Italian-inflected style to a new light and buzzy space, Bottles Chelsea focuses on micro-producers; natural and fine wines, alongside a relaxed and authentic food offering.

Bottles Group founders Franco Mancini and Daniele Marano have continuously striven to share their passion for quality Italian food and wine by creating unpretentious environments that place the emphasis on discovering new wines, exploring personal tastes and revisiting old favourites. Offering the delicious array of Italian small plates that Bottles is known for, the Chelsea site also offers fresh juices, lighter lunches, and an aperitivo menu influenced by classic Italian tipples.

Tim Welch of Atelier West Architects, the designers responsible for the new venue, talked in detail about the design of Bottles Chelsea. He said:

“We had worked with them before on a previous project for a restaurant they have in Old Spitalfields Market in Shoreditch, so the Client wanted to use us again and our offices are just around the corner from the site so it was a perfect match (like fine wine, and fine dining).

“The client asked us to interpret the Bottles offering for the ‘Kensington Set’, which was a challenging brief because we had to combine luxury with a sense of playfulness and informality, but we think we hit the nail on the head here.

“The first thing you notice after walking inside is the herringbone light grey brick pavers that run from the external patio, through the bi-folding doors at the front, and into the main lower floor area of the restaurant- where we have the bespoke wine-storage and display cabinets and the Terrazzo table top for the “Enoteca” table. This helps to make the front patio seem like it is part of the rest of the internal spaces.

“The rustic glazed tiles, cladding the bar enclosure, bring a nice teal accent to the space which makes it feel fresh and luxurious and draws the eye inward into the more intimate dining spaces beyond.

“At the very back of the restaurant space, we were able to reinstate a skylight which brings some drama into the proceedings, and this is coupled with a raw cork wall finish on the side walls that suggest a cave-like intimacy and a return to nature with obvious connections to Bottles primary offering; which is wine of course!”

Bottles’ extensive wine list features an ever-changing range of styles, regions and indigenous grapes. Knowing how intimidating a huge wine list can be, Bottles offers a concise and approachable menu in simple format with the addition of in house sommeliers to make bespoke recommendations.

The talented culinary team of Antonio Minuti and Edoardo Valeriani are running the kitchen, serving Italian small plates with a modern approach.  Supporting Antonio and Edoardo will be Andrea Guzzardi. The food at Bottles, like the wine, is built on the notions of sharing and conviviality and will feature a selection of tapas plates which will be complemented by more substantial dishes of pasta, seafood andmeat. The menu has a strong Italian heritage whilst also playing a little with international ingredients and recipes.

Tim finished:

“Working on Bottles has personally been very important for us to maintain such an enjoyable client relationship and the nourishing creative partnership that has developed between client and designer. The Bottles team are a very creative, reflective, passionate, and ambitious team. They have a genuine enthusiasm for what they do and really believe in their concept. They have a spectacularly knowledgeable team and superb expertise in the luxury wine and food industry.

“However, what they offer manages to find the fine-line between excellence and modesty that fosters a sense of assurance that you are in safe hands. At the same time you are left with the idea that every visit to Bottles is an adventure that you won’t forget.”

Located in Chelsea at the heart of what is already one of London’s top dining hot spots, Bottles ’ Italian flair coupled with its stylish interiors, makes it the perfect daytime spot for a relaxing brunch or light lunch as well as an evening hangout for post-work aperitivo drinks, intimate dinners and private dining with friends.


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