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As the green shoots of recovery begin to make themselves felt in the construction sector, this month’s edition brings an encouraging batch of success stories, including a property developer with buyers queuing, an eco friendly project to construct an electricity from waste facility, an ancient cathedral restored ‘beyond the ability to imagine’ and a whirlwind of development activity from a wind energy giant.

Volume 16 Issue 3

Volume 16 Issue 3

On the home front in Norris Green, Liverpool, developer New City Vision has devised a scheme for purchasers of new affordable housing that is so successful that the company is being inundated with enquiries.

The new homes are part of the regeneration of the former Boot Estate and the current second phase involves the construction of 500 homes, including two, three and four bedroom houses, with the majority being for private sale. Meanwhile, students studying sustainable energy at Harper Adams University in Edgmond will benefit from an ongoing practical demonstration of the subject in the form an a £3 million anaerobic digester plant nearing completion on their campus.

In addition, to producing electricity from food and farm waste, the plant will offset campus carbon emissions more than three times over.

Moving from the modern to the ancient, St Andrews Cathedral – the oldest catholic church in Glasgow – is positively radiant following a recent £4.5 million refurbishment that has been described as both ‘fantastic’ and ‘amazing’. Such was the dedication of the contractors on this prestigious project, that they voluntarily worked extra time free of charge and brought their families in to see what has been achieved.

Back on the subject of sustainable energy, this month’s edition includes a profile of one of Europe’s most successful developers of wind energy projects – ABO Wind AG.With a staff located throughout Europe, the company delivers turnkey wind farm projectsand has been working with its Irish partner since 2006 to develop several wind farms in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

ABO Wind was the only foreign project developer to succeed in making financing possible for Irish wind farms in 2009, under the difficult conditions of the financial crisis and has several wind farms on site, with more in the pipeline.

…….Well, that’s just a taste of things to come on the following pages. Why not read on and find out more about all the hottest news in the UK construction industry this month, brought to you by one single, knowledgeable source – Premier Construction.

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