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Council and health services join forces to gain state of the art new facilities

Selby community Project Entrance to the new buildA brand new community hospital and civic centre is under construction in the Selby Community Project, in Selby.

NHS North Yorkshire and York Community and Mental Health Services and Selby District Council have jointly funded the scheme, which is being built by Leeds-based BAM Construction.

The Selby Community Project will deliver a new state-of-the-art community hospital and district council civic centre on land adjacent to the existing Selby War Memorial Hospital on Doncaster Road. The scheme has been made possible because of the joint funding arrangements in place from both sides. The total project spend is in the region of £22m with the hospital element being funded by land sales and public capital in the region of £16m.selby Community Project

The original Selby War Memorial Hospital was built in 1927. Over the years the requirements of the hospital have changed significantly and it has long been recognised that a new hospital will support improved local health services.  The current hospital building has a significant backlog of maintenance work which, even if undertaken, would bring the hospital up the very minimum standards required of it. Selby District Council is also in need of new purpose-built office space as the existing civic centre is coming to the end of its life. So, by working together the two organisations have pooled resources to deliver the project. The organisations are sharing their resources in building and running the new development, which supports the long-term goals of making better use of resources for both.

The site shares its infrastructure and it has been projected that by sharing key services and procuring the scheme together we will have saved in the region of £2 million.selby Community Project

The new hospital includes: 24 in-patient beds for intermediate care and rehabilitation; enhanced diagnostics including digital imaging and ultrasound; a minor injuries unit; ante natal and post natal clinics with ultrasound; a minor surgical suite; enhanced and expanded outpatient services and a base for community intermediate care and rehabilitation and for other community services such as district nursing and health visiting.

Other facilities include: adult, older people, child and adolescent mental health services; children’s services (outpatients); community dentistry and therapies, such as chiropody, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and drug and alcohol counselling.

The hospital has been assessed against the criteria set for BREEAM Healthcare and will achieve a rating of “Excellent”.  BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is the leading and most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings. It sets the standard for best practice in sustainable design and has become the de facto measure used to describe a building’s environmental performance. The Civic Centre is likely to

achieve a ‘Good’ rating, but has chosen not to be formally assessed.Selby Community project New civic centre - ground

Overall the CO2 reduction for the site is predicted to be 24% below the emissions for the same building built to the standards required by the Building Regulations Part L2A 2006. This represents a reduction in CO2 emissions of over 90 tonnes per annum.

The new civic centre incorporates modern office accommodation; meeting and training rooms, shared with the hospital and a new council chamber.

The building structure is predominantly concrete to act as a thermal buffer and reduce the solar overheating and hence the need for mechanical ventilation and cooling. The office areas are predominantly naturally ventilated with Monodraught Windcatchers to avoid the need for mechanical ventilation and the perimeter areas of the hospital and the reception are predominantly naturally ventilated to reduce the need for mechanical ventilation or cooling. In addition, shading and solar control glass have been incorporated to reduce solar gain.

Passive infra red and daylight control of the lighting has been included wherever possible to reduce heat gain conserve energy and reduce CO2 emission. Low flow taps to reduce water consumption, reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emission.

In addition, a gas fired combined heat and power plant is included in the hospital to generate heat and electricity and also serves the civic centre.

February 2011 saw the start of a package of improvements to the A19 Doncaster Road just south of Selby town centre, between Baffam Lane and Newport Avenue. There will be a new mini roundabout to help ensure traffic flow and a new raised zebra crossing to make it as easy as possible for people to reach the new site.

Work on the project commenced in January 2010 and completion is scheduled for September 2011, following the demolition of the existing hospital and final landscaping work.

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