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London housing upgrades successfully completed

Two housing refurbishment projects in Southwark – a £2.7 million scheme on St Saviours Estate and another development on the Rouel Road Estate – have been successfully completed by Standage.

Both projects were carried out for the London Borough of Southwark.

The project on to refurbish high rise blocks of flats on the St Saviours Estate, has received positive feedback from tenants and residents. The works were carried out to three six storey blocks of flats and two storey blocks over 52 weeks and included: the renewal of all asphalt roofs with high performance insulated roof systems with 30 year guarantees; the replacement of existing windows with uPVC windows; the renewal of all private balconies with asphalt and spartan tiles; the repainting of all external decoration; the removal of all existing glazed public balcony balustrade panels and their replacement with safe and attractive aluminium powder-coated perforated metal panels and the replacement of front entrance doors with tri-laminated timber doors with multi-point locking mechanisms.

In addition, all resident’s kitchens, bathrooms, central heating and electrics were replaced; communal lighting was replaced across the estate; new lateral mains were installed to all blocks; asbestos removal was carried out to the balconies on three blocks; a door entry system was installed to one of the blocks and all old windows in the communal staircases were replaced with a glass block system.

Mr Chris More of Standage described the challenges of the scheme as “Liaising with the tenants and keeping them happy, as well as the client, keeping the programme going and providing a good service.”

“The outcome was that the client was happy and letters were received from satisfied leaseholders and tenants” he added.

A & E Elkins – a long established and experienced local company – were very pleased to be chosen to carry out renewal of flat roofs with their pluvitec roofing system, and renewal of the asphalt balconies on the St Saviours Estate.

The project on the Rouel Road Estate was completed last November and involved the refurbishment of a total of 230 – 240 flats in 10 two and three storey late 1960s constructed blocks of varying sizes and comprised works including he installation of new aluminium framed windows and high security entrance doors; re-asphalting of balconies external decoration; concrete repairs and the erection of fencing to the gardens of ground floor flats.

E Smith Metal has carried out all the steel fabrication on both the projects at St Saviours Estate and Rouel Road Estate, including rails, ramps, etc.

Established in 1938 Standage has grown over the last 70 years to become a leading name in London’s refurbishment sector.

The company is a medium-sized building contractor which enjoys a high work volume from the public sector. Standage combines regeneration, refurbishment, alterations and adaption’s to existing buildings in the areas of social housing, office fit-out, educational establishments, historical buildings and estates. Their experience caters for both void and occupied properties, ranging from local authority housing to some of the most prestigious buildings in the City of London.

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