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String of success continues for David Crisp

Adding to his extensive collection of NHBC awards, David has claimed the third NHBC for his work on Meadow Walk in Pontyclun, Glamorgan, bringing his impressive total to eight.

David said that he tries to improve his work year on year, saying: “The standard of competition is higher – it’s a lot harder to win an award now – so you’ve got to up your game.”  Asked how he managed to keep achieving so highly, he said “You’ve got to keep on top of things, get a good quality of workmanship out of people by monitoring their work at all times,  and making sure that the traders and their supervisors know exactly what we expect.”

He pointed out that it was especially important to have a good eye for attention to detail when employing traders who worked on lots of different sites, as other sites may have different expectations. However David is careful in his selection of subcontractors, and put his success partly down to working repeatedly with the same traders, who he knows will give him their best work. “We’ve had some good boys this time,” he said of the Meadow Walk team.

David’s interest in the construction industry was really sparked in his final year at school. At the age of fifteen he chose to take a qualification which covered training in various aspects of building work, rather than sticking to conventional O-Levels, and followed this up with an apprenticeship in carpentry with Persimmon. Apart from spending several years as a self-employed worker specialising in loft conversions, David has stuck with Persimmon, consistently illustrating his expertise and working steadily up the ranks as a result.

Meadow Walk consists of three blocks of apartments, several three-bedroom semi-detached and terrace houses, and four and five-bedroom family homes.  All of the housing plots come with roomy gardens while the apartment blocks are provided with adequate parking facilities.

Pontyclun is a very popular, semi-rural location which is well connected with transport links and overlooks a nature reserve. The development claims to be creating a complete community, and no doubt the high standard of craftsmanship on show as well as the desirable setting will attract a varied demographic profile.

The building work is still in progress, although it is heading towards completion. David told us that most properties were finished but there were still seven houses to be built from scratch. The quality of the housing has been noted by customers as well as official inspectors, and many of the apartments are already spoken for. David commented that it was good to know that the properties were being sold while building work continued, spurring the workers on to produce more impeccably finished work.

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