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Sparkling start to the Summer for Dave Mills

NHBC - SummervaleSite Manager Dave Mills has led his team to success, winning an NHBC Pride in the Job Award for the Summervale development in Rotherham.

It is yet another addition to an impressive record: in his thirty-eight year career in the construction industry, David Mills has won nine NHBC awards and has worked on many award-winning sites in other capacities. He started out as an apprentice bricklayer, but soon climbed through the ranks to Assistant Manager, Site Manager, and then other roles, before returning to that of Site Manager in the last couple of years.

But the pride in winning has certainly not decreased simply because of the number of awards he has collected. Dave Mills commented that ‘every time is like the first’.

The win on Summervale is one which especially reflects on the dedication of Mr Mills, who commented that he believed it was a mixture of seriously hard work by himself and the team, good management, high targets and high-quality finished housing that won the award. Listening to Dave discuss his work, his enthusiasm and commitment to producing nothing but exceptional standards is very apparent.NHBC - Summervale

This attitude has been proven to translate into practise where Summervale is concerned: Dave Mills took over as Site Manager six months before winning the award, when it was in a poor state and very unlikely to be completed to the standard that he subsequently achieved. However, Dave, as the new Site Manager turned the project around through sheer dedication and by bringing a completely new team on board.

He reported that the team were very pleased to have their work recognised, and said that there were plans to hold a site party soon to celebrate. There will also be celebration at the official awards ceremony.

Summervale is a development comprising a mixture of two-, three- and four-bedroom homes available in eleven different styles. The company says that they have designed the houses to meet the needs of the modern-day family.

Part of the Gladedale Group, Ben Bailey is the developer behind the build and aims to offer unique service to buyers. It offers the opportunity for customers to design the interior of their new home out of a wide range of options from floors to ceilings, and certain Summervale residences have the option of bespoke garden design service. Details like these are the icing on the cake, but no doubt it is the hard graft of Ben Bailey Yorkshire’s site teams which result in the high-quality housing which achieves high levels in customer satisfaction surveys.

In a 2010 poll by In-house Research and Training, 99.5% of customers said that they would recommend Ben Bailey. In recent years the South Yorkshire division of Ben Bailey has won four NHBC awards, two brought home by Dave Mills, who knows that this extra assurance of quality is truly valued by customers. So far the finished houses in Summervale are selling well, although there are still four years of work to go to complete the estate.

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