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NHBC inspectors impressed by West Windygoul development

Ian Ireland has recently won his third NHBC Pride In The Job Award for his work on the Walker Group development West Windygoul in Tranent, Scotland.

The Site Manager told Premier Construction that it was “absolutely wonderful” to have won the award, saying that he was thoroughly pleased with the work that his team had put in. All the team were congratulated when the director visited the site after the awards had been announced.  The team are also looking forward to celebrating their success together, with Ian saying he expected that they’d go out for a few drinks.

When asked what it was that he thought had impressed the NHBC inspectors so much, Ian said: “I think it’s the sharpness of the houses, the general tidiness of the site and the attention to detail when they actually go into the houses and see the quality inside.”

This award has been an especial encouragement in a time when selling houses is tough, Ian commented: “It’s absolutely wonderful to have won this time, particularly with the climate in the industry at the moment.” Work on the NHBC site continues, with construction around halfway through. Ian described how the site was slowing down due to the tentative nature of prospective buyers. “We’re building to demand now, but people are cautious about buying – they want to sell their own houses before they start looking round and showing a real interest – and that does slow the market.”

West Windygoul comprises forty-nine houses in a mixture of styles – including detached, semis and terraced housing. The NHBC site now demonstrates that difficult sales are by no means a reflection of the quality and desirability of the development.

Ian started out in the construction industry as an apprentice joiner at the age of seventeen. He joined the Walker Group twelve years later as an Assistant Manager, and for the last few years has been a Senior Site Manager.

He won his previous two NHBC Awards in 2008 and 2009 for The Elms at Meadowparks, another development in Tranent that incorporated a very wide range of sizes and styles of family homes in many new and green designs. The development borders on open countryside and the layout is designed to be family-orientated.  Ian is glad to have continued his success this year and hopes to add to his collection of awards in the future.

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