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Highlands and Islands construction Focus, Issue 1

Dear readers,

This edition of the magazine celebrates the exciting new changes that are being made across the Highlands and Islands. Important decisions are being made that will affect both our future and the future of our successors.

Highlands and Islands Construction Focus

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The promotion of renewable energy will ensure the self-sufficiency of our nation and help to manage the effect that global warming will have on our future generations. The new 807KW Roroyere hydropower station will contribute towards achieving the Scottish Government’s ambitious renewable energy targets. These targets include the generation of the equivalent of 100% of Scotland’s gross annual electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2020 and an 80% reduction in emissions by 2050.

In Muaitheabhal, a new 118MW wind farm will provide enough green electricity to power 55,000 homes. Energy Minister, James Mather, said: “Since the first proposals for a wind farm on Lewis were put forward, I have maintained that the Western Isles must be able to play its part in harnessing and benefitting from our vast green energy potential. Today, we are making that a reality.”

Social changes are being made that will alter the way that society interacts. Inverness is set to become home to the UK’s first social enterprise hotel, which will provide training for youngsters that are homeless, unemployed or lacking basic numeracy and literacy skills. The exciting Inverness Campus project will integrate leading academic facilities with world-class research opportunities, whilst generating up to £38 million for the Highlands and Islands economy every year.

The creation of new infrastructure allows communities to be brought together, as can be seen by the new Barra Children’s Centre. In order to meet the initial costs of the project, the island – with a population of just

1,200 – raised over £26,000 to supplement funding from the local Community Council, the National Lottery and the Local Authority. Of course, to embrace the future it is essential to respect the past. The Kyle of

Tongue Bridge is being carefully restored, whilst a £3.2m upgrade project is underway at The Highlanders’ Museum at Fort George. The museum is dedicated to the Cameron Highlanders, Seaforth Highlanders, Queen’s Own Highlanders and their affiliated regiments and the proposed refurbishment will transform it into a centre of excellence for the military heritage of the entire Highlands and Islands. We now invite you, readers, to join us as we start making changes for our future.

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