Harnessing Ireland’s power with ABO-Wind

Gibbet Hill Wind FarmA new wind farm will soon be taking shape in the south east of Ireland.

Project developer ABO-Wind has purchased the Gibbet Hill Wind Farm project in order to develop and build a brand new wind farm in County Wexford.  The project is being designed in-house by ABO-Wind, whilst Nordex is manufacturing the N90HS turbines.

Planning permission has been granted and a grid connection agreement has been signed with ESB.  The grid connection includes construction of 20KV underground cables, which will have to be built to the specifications of the Electricity Supply Board (ESB).

The ESB substation at Lodgewood to facilitate the 13.8km connection to substations is already in place and operational, whilst approximately 3km of the external ducting works have already been finished.  Gibbet Hill Wind Farm

The project has yet to commence tendering; this process will start once REFIT II has been approved by the EU and announced by the Irish government.  Permitting REFIT II commencement of electrical and civil works will follow in the second quarter, with the turbine delivery set for September/October 2012.

The turbines will be commissioned and operational during the fourth quarter of 2012 and will have a capacity of 2.5MW. The turbines have a hub height of 80m and the rotors are 90m in diameter.

ABO-Wind Director Ute Schulmeister said: “Our intention is to take over the commercial and technical management of the Gibbet Hill Wind Farm for the entirety of its operational life.Gibbet Hill Wind Farm

“Usually we would calculate the life of a wind farm like Gibbet Hill would be at least twenty years, but if after this time period it is still operational we would look to continue running it.

“The planning permission for the site allows for between a 20-25 year life but if after 15 years technology has advanced, we would then consider repowering and re-plating the turbines to improve its capacity.”

Construction work will begin in early 2012. In addition to the creation of the wind farm, minor adjustments will be made to nearby roundabouts in order to improve accessibility to the previously Greenfield site.  As the area was has already been identified by Wexford County Council as a suitable site for the wind farm, there are no conservational concerns. Gibbet Hill Wind Farm

Ute said: “We have been undertaking wind measurement on the site for over a year now.

“The site was specifically designated by Wexford County Council as the distance to residential buildings is sufficient, so there will be no problems caused by noise pollution or shadowing from the turbines.

“If we break the potential output down to an average of four people per household, once operational the wind farm will provide power for 13,750 customers.

“The energy output of the wind farm will be approximately 55 GWh, which will save 41,150 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year – in the process protecting the climate and creating ecological benefits.”

ABO-Wind has a number of wind farms in its portfolio.  The company acquires site locations, arranges financing and organises technical planning and it is one of the most successful developers of wind energy projects with domestic and international operations.  ABO-Wind has to date connected over 303 wind energy turbines with a total capacity of 524 megawatts, and currently has further wind farms in the pipeline.

In addition to managing its own projects developed after commissioning, ABO-Wind takes on the commercial and technical management of wind farms on behalf of international operators.  In total, ABO-Wind manages 250 wind farms and 4 biogas plants.


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