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Fire Station opens in Sheringham

Fire Station Sheringham

A new fire station in Sheringham will replace and upgrade the facilities of a former station in the town.

Located at Cromer Road, the new two-storey Sheringham Fire Station has been built adjacent to the site of the old station. Sheringham’s latest headquarters is now fully operational and includes greatly improved facilities for crew members.

Construction began on the £1.25 million project in June 2011 and the building became operational in December 2011. Following this, an official opening day took place in January 2012.

Main contractor for the project was Fisher Bullen and the architect was Paul Thurlby of Gordon White & Hood.

The new Sheringham Fire Station is a steel frame construction with cavity walls and concrete floors. In order to make the building more energy efficient, an air source heat pump was installed. The development features a brickwork exterior and landscaping to the front of the building, including a mulched area with additional shrubs and fencing.

The new station boasts two-bay stations to accommodate a second fire engine and will benefit from the arrival of a new off-road fire engine in March. The off-road vehicle will be able to work through severe conditions including forest fires, snow and flooding, and is one of ten rural engines being deployed across the country.

The station was designed with a shared usage plan in place so that local emergency services such as the police and ambulance services could operate from the site. A designated car parking space for an ambulance was also included in the design.

As part of improvements to the site, a brickwork training tower was built to replace the steel free-standing tower that was located at the previous site. The training tower allows crew members to practise ladder work and also includes a dry riser hydrant.

With the fire station now complete, the second phase of the project will commence in February 2012 with the construction of a community centre alongside the station. Once this six month phase is complete, the project will conclude with the construction of a brand new Tesco store on the site of the former station. Tesco is funding the entire project and aims to have the new store open by the summer of 2013.


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