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The UK Concrete Show 2012

As Europe’s best specialist concrete show, The UK Concrete Show 2012 was the most exciting yet.

The UK Concrete Show 2012

As Europe’s best specialist concrete show, The UK Concrete Show 2012 was the most exciting yet. When it took place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry from the 22nd to the 23rd of February, the event celebrated 30 unmissable seminars and 6000m² of the best concrete products, tools, systems and technology.

The UK Concrete Show is a fantastic opportunity for specialist contractors, ready mix producers, utility providers, engineers and architects to view the latest concrete products under one roof. In addition to seminars, the event also showcased a new virtual demo zone that allowed visitors to see and hear products in action via a giant 15m² LED screen with Dolby sound. Another exciting new feature for 2012 was the Concrete Society Bookshop, which offered a wide range of technical publications and literature for sale.

Exhibitors returning for a second year included SIKA, Putzmeister, BASF, Doka,Armcon, Hilti,ICS and Husqvarna. The 2012 event also attracted a number of new companies, including: Tarmac, Aggregate Industries, CIFA, Minova, Halfen. and 14 DSA Supplier members

The event was supported by a variety of trade associations, including the Drilling and Sawing Association (DSA), Concrete Repair Association (CRA) and the Mineral Products Association.

One of the event’s most highly anticipated events was a presentation by Dr. Richard Coulton, the managing director of concrete wash water management specialist Siltbuster Limited.

At 12pm on 22nd February 2012, Dr. Richard Coulton presented a paper about the recent Environment Agency regulatory position statement (RPS) that clarifies the management of concrete wash water on construction sites. The paper outlined how the RPS affects sites and what construction managers can do in order to ensure that the treatment and disposal of concrete wash water is managed professionally.

Dr. Richard Coulton said:

“The EA now recognises that the uncontrolled release of high pH concrete wash water can be a major hazard to the environment and must be treated as such. The old practice of just storing solids in plastic lined skips and ‘loosing’ the wash water on site is no longer acceptable. At the very least, contractors must now undertake a risk assessment prior to discharging even small volumes of high pH water to ground.

“For most operations, contractors will have little choice but to fully treat and adjust the pH of water prior to discharge to either sewer or to the environment. Failure to do so could cause a pollution incident that may well result in prosecution. While time pressures are often great on site, there is no excuse for ignoring this clear advice and risking the consequences.”

The UK Concrete Show also saw Siltbuster reveal their latest range of Concrete Washout Solutions. As a larger and more versatile version of Siltbuster’s groundbreaking RCW (Roadside Concrete Washout) unit, ‘Big pHil’ provides the onsite capture, treatment and neutralisation of high pH cement laden wash water runoff from a wide range of concreting plant equipment – including concrete pumps and crane skips with a capacity of up to 2,000 litres.

Also in attendance at The UK Concrete Show 2012 was Permaban, who revealed their latest innovation for the first time on stand M19.

Although Permaban is renowned for its industry-defining armoured joints, their new product – branded Permaban Signature® – has adopted a rather different approach from traditional joint armouring.

The unique half-hexagon shape of Permaban Signature® prevents the wheel of materials-handling vehicles from falling into the gap between the two edges of a joint. As a result, there is no impact on either the joint of the wheels, thus preventing damage and costly repairs to both. Due to this very reason, this ‘disruptive face’ technology has been a popular method in road construction for many years.

Because Permaban Signature® provides a smoother transit, vehicles can move over the joints at a faster speed, therefore saving valuable time for operators. Permaban Signature® also eliminates the ‘clunking’ noise that is often associated with vehicles passing over joints because wheels do not impact on the joint at all.

The product was designed to address the challenges of directional traffic. This typically occurs in transfer and racking aisles, where vehicles pass over a joint at a 90 degree angle and the greatest impact is caused.

Due to the shape of Permaban Signature®, a smooth, quick and noiseless transit is offered at any angle of approach. This means that even if the use or configuration of the building changes over time, with Permaban Signature® the joints will still be fully protected.

Another unique feature is the ‘full-depth’ corrugation, which means that the joint is fully supported all the way to the ground, thus ensuring maximum strength and stability.

The joint is designed to operate with gap sizes of up to 40mm, which makes it ideal for large-bay jointless concrete floors or cold stores and freezer stores, which typically larger gap sizes.

Load transfer between adjacent concrete floor slabs is accommodated by square dowel bars, which are supplied fully fixed into the product. The dowel length has been carefully calculated by design engineers in order to ensure that efficient load transfer is maintained, even with a gap size of 40mm.

By eliminating the need for heavy joint armouring, Permaban Signature® is significantly lighter and stiffer than many joints, making it easy for operatives to lift, manoeuvre and install on site.

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