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Redevelopment at the former Normansfield Hospital

When complete, the Gabriella Park Gardens scheme will provide up to 89 dwellings on the site of the former Normans field Hospital in Teddington.

Gabriella Park Gardens is a large private development that comprises a number of separate buildings, including the Grade II* listed White House. Under Phase One of the two-phase project, the White House will be converted into brand new residential accommodation.

Phase One of the Gabriella Park Gardens project will see the construction of forty-five new apartments,  along with a linked extension comprising an additional twelve single and duplex units. A separate four-unit apartment and two small detached houses will also be constructed on the site.

The second phase, which is expected to commence in late 2012, will include the construction of twenty-six one and two-bedroom houses.

Main contractor for the project is Eramo Developments Limited and the architect is Haines Phillips Architects. The structural consultant is Betts Associates.

Work began onsite in 2010, when ground testing and additional preparation work took place. This was followed by the start of the construction phase in March 2011.

Internal structural alterations have included the erection of new spine walls in order to reposition some of the existing rooms within the building, whilst internal walls are to be replastered where necessary. Each of the new apartments will also have new kitchens and bathrooms installed, along with additional fixtures, fittings and floors that comply with current regulations.

In order to respect the historical significance of the Grade II* listed building, all of the external features have been maintained and the stone and brickwork has been lovingly restored. Although new windows have been fitted and some sections of the roof replaced, the alterations are all in keeping with the original style of the building.

Also included in the scheme is the significant revamp of utility services, which will enable the water and electricity facilities to meet the requirements of the new development. A new pumping station will improve water pressure across the site, whilst a new electrical substation will improve the power output.

Landscaping will include the creation of a 70-space residential car park, a waste storage area and a secure zone designated for bicycles.

Careful consideration has also been made to preserve the fauna and wildlife that currently populate the site. A large number of trees have been preserved, whilst Eramo Developments Limited is working with Natural England to maintain the existing habitats for a number of endangered animals. For example, a badger habitat has been conserved and one of the lofts on the site has been kept clear for the bats that have made it their home.

Eramo Developments Limited Project Manager, Vincenzo Giordano, said:


“We are very pleased to be involved with the redevelopment of the former Normansfield Hospital.GabriellaParkGardensis an extremely prestigious project on a site that is very important to the area. As a result, we are working closely with all the correct departments in order to ensure that the redevelopment meets the requirements needed for working on a listed building. It has been fantastic to get this project off the ground.”

NormansfieldHospitalopened to patients in 1868 and provided care for people with learning difficulties. The site quickly grew to incorporate a number of buildings within the grounds, all of which were designed to help care for the wellbeing of the patients.

During the 1990s the hospital was taken under the wing of the Richmond, Twickenham and Roehampton Healthcare NHS Trust, before being closed and sold to developers in 2000. In 2008, Richmond Council approved plans for the construction of 89 homes on the site, which ultimately led to the development of the Gabriella Park Gardens scheme.

Stanley Haines, Haines Phillips Architects, said:

“Normansfield Hospital originated as a rather large Victorian building called the White House which was owned by Dr. John Langdon-Down, a pioneer in the field of a condition we now refer to as Down Syndrome.

“Langdon-Down started his work by taking patients with learning difficulties into his own home to improve their quality of life and gain a better understanding of their condition. He then quickly increased the number of buildings around his home in order to provide additional facilities for their care.

“These buildings, along with the development of an orchard on the grounds, provided patients with a place where they could be stimulated on a daily basis. Indeed, it has been suggested that his methods helped to increase the life expectancy of the patients in his care.

“Langdon-Down was so successful that he expanded his home considerably and it gradually became what is known today asNormansfieldHospital. The site comprises of a collection of rather fine and unique Gothic style buildings with an approximate area of 50,000 sq ft.

“Due to the high profile nature of Langdon-Down’s work, the former hospital is now a Grade II listed building and is an important Middlesex landmark. However, over the years the development has sadly fallen into a bad state of repair and was therefore in desperate need of rescuing.

“ThankfullyNormansfieldHospitalis now being sensitively restored back to its former glory. Although this project is a big operation, work is well underway and it already looks very impressive. Restoring a building like this is a tremendous experience and it is the sort of project that you can’t help but get absolutely engrossed in.

“I believe Langdon-Down would be very proud of the progress that has been made so far.”

Phase One of Gabriella Park Gardens is scheduled for completion in November 2012.


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