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Privacy and dignity for Frimley Park Hospital

Frimley Park Hospital

Frimley Park Hospital will be the first hospital in the UK to implement an innovative streaming and cabin model when the £22 million phased upgrade of the existing emergency department is completed in 2012. The new-build section of the works is on schedule for completion in June 2012, whilst the refurbishment phase will be completed by the end of the year.

Main contractor VINCI Construction UK Ltd is responsible for the construction of the new emergency department, day surgery unit and helipad. Architects for the scheme are Devereux Architects Ltd.

The new development features an attractive modern design that has incorporated some of the language of the adjacent Eye Treatment Centre, which itself is connected to the new building via a link bridge. Clad in a light brick, the new development also features Trespa panels and a striking Reglit glazing stairwell.

Built to achieve a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’, the building has incorporated a range of sustainable features including natural ventilation wherever possible.

Frimley Park Hospital

The new resuscitation area of the emergency department will be constructed on the ground floor, in the process increasing the number of available resuscitation beds from five to eight. On the first floor, there will be a new day surgery unit with two operating theatres and sixteen treatment cubicles, whilst the development will also feature a plant room on the second floor and a helipad on the roof.

Subsequent to this phase of the project, the existing emergency department will be refurbished and a new Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) and Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) will be created. In addition, portions of the paediatric department will be refurbished and other service areas will be extended.

Frimley Park Hospital

Flavia de Almeida, Project Manager for the development at Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“The design is centred around privacy and dignity. One of the most fundamental aspects of this project is the implementation of an ‘American’ approach to treatment cubicles, whereby the patients are offered a much more discreet recuperation space than is normally seen in UK hospitals.

“Normally when patients arrive in a traditional emergency department, they will stay on an open ward with curtains that can be opened or drawn when required. However, what we will have here are cubicles with glazed manually operated doors that are completely separated from one another and offer complete privacy from a sound and visual point of view.”

Frimley Park Hospital

Before work began onsite in April 2011, civil and ground works were carried out in order to enable the construction of the main new building structure. This included the introduction of new road access into the hospital site and an island with a security office in the centre.

Flavia de Almeida commented:

“This has been a very challenging project as the hospital has had to remain operational 24/7 whilst construction work has taken place. Despite this, excellent progress has been made so far and we are confident that the project will achieve the scheduled completion date of June 2012 for the new build section of the project.

“The new design will facilitate a new and more efficient way of working for the staff of Frimley Park Hospital. It will allow for the streaming of individuals via the emergency department, which will subsequently alleviate pressure on the clinical staff and create more time for treating patients.

“Overall, this has been a challenging yet enjoyable project that will bring many benefits to the local community.”

Bayards Aluminium Constructions

For almost 50 years Bayards Aluminium Constructions has been a world leader in aluminium construction. The company is active in many different industries and works on a variety of projects from the fabrication of hull structures of reconnaissance vehicles for the defence industry, to the assembly of a fully prefabricated rooftop helipad assembly kit.

On the Frimley Park Hospital project Bayards Aluminium Constructions built a 780m² turnkey rooftop helipad with an additional 120 metre walkway. The helipad was fully equipped with perimeter drainage, lighting and a fire fighting system.

Bayards Aluminium Constructions’ Commercial Director, Dick de Kluijver, said:

“Thanks to its many years of experience, Bayards is a company that complies with every national and international standard and can offer a turnkey solution, custom made, to meet both the safety and architectural requirements of the client. As demonstrated at Frimley Park Hospital we can deliver helipads that fit in seamlessly with the wishes and ambitions of the hospital.”

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