Silverdykes takes shape

The first phase of a brand new luxury housing development from Muir Homes has been completed in the village of Cellardyke.

Located on the site of the former Anstruther Caravan Park in Fife, the £20 million Silverdykes scheme includes over three hundred newly constructed residential homes situated around interconnecting carriageways. The residential units comprise a mixture of detached and semidetached two and three- bedroom bungalows and two, three and four-bedroom detached and semidetached villas, along with a number of two-bedroom apartments.

In addition to the housing units, the development has incorporated two additional units that will become a convenience store and a chemist. Also included in the scheme is a large green space in the centre of the development, which will be complemented by the council’s provision of decorative concrete obelisks around the site.

All of the units have been built to meet the requirements of modern day living and feature a contemporary interior design. The homes boast natural wood finishes, stylish bathrooms and fully tiled and integrated kitchens and each home has incorporated gas central heating with energy efficient boilers and low energy lighting throughout.

Muir Homes has a strong commitment to their environmental principles and as a result, sustainable materials have been used wherever possible. To date, this has included advanced insulation, double glazing and automatic solar thermal panels that generate hot water. Silverdykes is also the first development in Muir Homes’ portfolio to make use of the fully automatic solar thermal panels, in the process reducing the reliance of the site on fossil fuels and safeguarding the energy costs for future owners.

Additional features include plastered internal walls, facing brickwork and reconstituted stonework for external wall cladding. The roofs of the homes also feature slate and tiles.

Landscaping has included the creation of new access and estate roads.

Main contractor for the Silverdykes project is Muir Homes Ltd and the architect is Roy Mitchell Design.

With the first phase now complete, Silverdykes continues to take shape in the village of Cellardyke. The village neighbours the historic fishing village of Anstruther and the development therefore offers easy access to Anstruther Golf Club, Billow Ness beach and Kellie Castle. Indeed, Silverdykes has proved so popular with current residents of the town that several residents are now looking to move from their current homes to the site.

The wide range of housing available at Silverdykes has piqued the interest of many different cross-sections of the community, including senior citizens looking for retirement bungalows and new families keen to set up home. As the site previously housed a caravan park, those who have previously kept caravans at the park are also now looking to invest in a permanent holiday home.

Muir Homes bought the site over ten years ago and has since spent a considerable amount of time consulting with the local community to make sure that residents are kept up to date with the latest phases of construction. Considerations have also been made in order to ensure that the housing development remains aesthetically pleasing to neighbouring residents.

Muir Homes Site Manager, Danny Robin, said:

“There’s a local community committee which meets with the developers on a monthly basis. We kept the blocks of flats down to two storeys rather than making them high-rise because there are no high-rise blocks in the Fife region and we didn’t want anything to stick out too offensively in the landscape.”

Muir Homes is a family owned company that provides high quality homes across central Scotland and the east coast of Scotland. For over thirty-five years it has been involved in the development of numerous villas, bungalows and apartments for families, couples and individuals.

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