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Energia Renewables is the largest independent energy supplier in Ireland, supplying gas and electricity to over 65,000 businesses.

As part of its commitment to the environment Energia Renewables has invested €200 million in developing renewable sources of energy through its portfolio of ten wind farms including their most recent wind farm projects Corkermore, Crighshane, Church Hill and Caherdowney.

Corkermore Wind Farm is now fully operational, whilst Caherdowney Wind Farm is currently under construction and is on schedule to be energised in April 2012, around the same time as Crighshane and Church Hill in County Tyrone.

Energia is one of Ireland’s leading providers of sustainable energy and will shortly have 550MW of operational renewable electricity capacity within its energy portfolio, with a further 290MW of wind farm projects currently in development across Ireland. Up to 75% of its portfolio is contracted with third party wind farms, giving Energia Renewables the broadest wind farm coverage in Ireland.

 Corkermore Wind Farm 

Corkermore Wind Farm was constructed on a Class 2 wind site in County Donegal and comprises five Gamesa G80 turbines with a combined capacity of 10MW. Each has a hub height of 60 metres, a rotor diameter of 80 metres and a tip height of 100 metres. In total the €15 million wind farm has the potential to power up to 10,000 homes.

Construction was completed in August 2011, with Belfast-based Lagan Construction as the main civil works contractor and Powerteam Electrical Services responsible for the electrical fit-out works.

Energia Renewables Projects Manager, Brendan McGarr, said:

“There are a couple of smaller wind farms in the vicinity but in terms of the size and scale there’s nothing quite like this one in the area.

“We chose this particular site because it offered good prevailing winds coming in off theAtlantic Oceanand because the high mountains to the west help to mask the turbines from public view. The site was assessed and wind measurements were taken and although the wind speeds are lower than a Class 1 site, it was decided that it would make a viable location.

“We then chose to use Gamesa G80 turbines as they have a large rotor diameter and so are particularly suited for use on Class 2 wind sites where they can be used to generate more energy.”

Caherdowney Wind Farm

Caherdowney Wind Farm is currently nearing completion on a Class 1 site in County Cork and comprises four wind turbines with a combined capacity of 9.2MW. The turbines are Enercon E70 models with a hub height of 64.5 metres and a rotor diameter of 70 metres.

Work started on the €14 million project in June 2011 and Lagan Construction was once again contracted to conduct the main civil works for the project. The site was chosen due to its high average wind speeds and once the wind farm is fully operational it will be capable of powering up to 9,200 homes.

Brendan McGarr said:

“On both Corkermore and Caherdowney we’ve received a lot of support from local residents and we’re very thankful for this. The development of both wind farms is a very positive step forward for renewable energy inIrelandand this is something that is very important to us.”

“All of our wind farm developments bring significant benefits to the local economies, including job creation, increased rates for the local authorities and improvements to local infrastructure. “

Energia Group

Energia Group comprises of Energia Supply, Energia Renewables and Energia Generation and is Ireland’s largest independent supplier in the Irish business energy market, with a 28% market share of the business electricity and gas market on an all–island basis. The group is a member of the Viridian Group and has offices in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Belfast and Omagh.

Energia Renewables sources conventional power from the Group’s power stations in north Dublin, where the company has invested €500 million with the capability to supply up to 17% of electricity requirements on an all-island basis.

Energia Group has also signed a preliminary off-take agreement to purchase the electricity generated from the pioneering Wave Energy Converter that is being operated by US firm Ocean Energy Systems (OES) off Belmullet, Co Mayo.

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