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Developing Leafields

Leafields Development

Located in Southwick, Leafields is a modern development that features a mixture of two, three and four-bedroom properties.

The contemporary development was built in three phases, with Phase One comprising the construction of 16 houses. Phase Two involved the construction of 121 homes and Phase Three saw the creation of 79 new houses, whilst the development also includes associated paths, landscaped areas and a pedestrian walkway.

All of the houses on Leafields have been designed to be eco-friendly and include a number of environmentally aware design features, including Photovoltaic panels, energy efficient boilers and high levels of insulation. Water butts are also installed in each garden in order to allow residents to collect and re-use rain water.

Additional features include front and back gardens, driveways, garages and sheds.

Leafields Development

With all three phases of the development now complete, work is currently underway on a brand new children’s hospice situated adjacent to the Leafields Housing Development. Grace House will be the first standalone children’s hospice in the region and will provide care for children from birth through to their early 20s.

Grace House will provide a safe and supporting environment where families can spend quality time together. The development will comprise six individual bedrooms with en-suite facilities, four family rooms, a library, music room and a multisensory room. The building will also include designated areas for technology, therapy and dining, whilst external areas will include a garden and inner courtyard.

Leafields Development

People, planet and property business, Gentoo is currently working with Cundall consulting engineers to complete Grace House, which is being built for Grace House Children’s Hospice Appeal. The project is being built ‘at cost’ and has received generous support from Gentoo Group’s construction supply chain to ensure that all funds are maximised.

In addition to the hospice, Gentoo was also the main contractor on all three phases of Leafields. Ian Darby Partnership was the architect on Phase One and Two of Leafields and Gentoo Group was the architect on Phase Three. Southern Green Partnership was the landscape architect on Phase Two and Three of the development.

Leafields Development

Throughout the construction of Leafields, NIS Systems provided Gentoo with a professional security service to monitor and protect the site. NIS Systems employed a remote monitored CCTV system, which helped to deter thefts and ensure the safety of all staff working on Leafields.

Gentoo Project Manager, Peter Allsop, said:

“It’s great to be involved with Leafields and it is fantastic to see a brand new community generated in Southwick. There’s a nearby school that now has a new intake of students and with new friendships being created as people move into Leafields, we are proud to have been a part of such a grand scale development.

Leafields Development

“All of the houses on Phases One, Two and Three of the estate are fully occupied and we’re now busy with the construction of Grace House – which borders the Phase Three site.

“Once this is complete, we will be constructing 12 additional houses next to the site of Phase Two.”


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