Upgrading Hamilton Bus Station

Hamilton Bus Station

A £5.5 million project to upgrade services at Hamilton Bus Station, Strathclyde is continuing to make great progress.

Construction work on Phase One of Strathclyde Partnership for Transport’s (SPT) upgrade work is now complete and is currently open to the public. Once work is completed on Phase Two the station will deliver a number of modern passenger facilities along with an improved interchange for rail station and taxi services.

The work on Hamilton Bus Station is being phased in order to reduce disruption to both the bus services and the general operation of the station.

An additional improvement on Hamilton Bus Station will include the installation of covered walkways which will link the state-of-the-art station building to 17 local bus and coach access points. All waiting areas will also be enclosed and will include automatic doors and information screens providing passengers with important departure and arrival times.

SPT Vice Chairman, Councillor Denis McKenna, said:

“Over three million passengers use this bus station, making it a vital transport hub for the area. The significant investment by SPT is in no small part down to the tireless work of local councillors in the area.

“The project has been a collaborative approach between SPT and South Lanarkshire Council and we’re delighted to be working with them to deliver a fantastic transport legacy for Hamilton, Lanarkshire and the wider Strathclyde area. Passengers will certainly notice a big difference when the new facility is complete.”

The upgrade of Hamilton Bus Station is a joint venture between SPT and South Lanarkshire Council. SPT has provided £5 million of funding for the project, whilst the remaining £500,000 was provided by South Lanarkshire Council.

Chair of South Lanarkshire Council’s Enterprise Resources Committee, Councillor Chris Thompson, said:

“People expect a certain standard of comfort and information when using major bus stations and this upgrade will certainly provide that.

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with SPT on such a major project that will benefit so many people throughout South Lanarkshire and beyond.”

Whilst work is taking place at Hamilton Bus Station, temporary bus stances have been provided for customers. The temporary provisions have been put in place along Brandon Street, to the west of the existing station, whilst coaches will be redirected to an old MFI car park located nearby.

Bowmer and Kirkland is the main contractor on the Hamilton Bus Station project, whilst Austin-Smith: Lord is the architect.

To date, Bowmer and Kirkland has completed approximately 70% of the project, which includes the new Travel Centre building, a coach stance waiting area and the enclosed bus stance area. Work is now taking place on the main site entrance and the remainder of the enclosed bus stances.

SystemGlaze conducted work on the external facade of Hamilton Bus Station, which included installing the glazing, the curtain walling and automatic doors. In addition, SystemGlaze’s sister company BSW, worked on all of the shelters and waiting structures located outside of the station.

SystemGlaze Commercial Director, Adam Elford, said:

“We were involved on the upgrade works at Hamilton Bus Station for approximately three months. Although for us this is a reasonably small job in comparison to some of our other operations, it has been fantastic to be a part of this project.

“Two of our companies – SystemGlaze and BSW – have been involved and this is has made the work very important to us as a group. Once work is complete this station will be very beneficial to local residents.”

The upgrade works on Hamilton Bus Station are due to be completed in winter 2012.

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