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Bubbledogs introduces a new concept to dining

Bubbledogs restaurant  London

A stylish restaurant serving champagne, Bubbledogs sounds right at home for a central London restaurant.

However, instead of bubbly served with caviar, Bubbledogs serves gourmet hotdogs with its fine selection of some of the world’s greatest champagnes.

The restaurant opened officially in August 2012 after construction began in May 2012. B3 Designers worked on the concept for the restaurant and DEP Construction was the main contractor.

David Elms, Managing Director of DEP Construction told Premier Construction about the project.

He said:

“The building was originally an estate agents and the landlord had done some structural work to the basement and ground floor. It’s quite a compact place so the critical element was getting the design right and getting everything that B3 had envisioned to fit within the space.

Bubbledogs restaurant  London

“Essentially there are two restaurants – there is the Bubbledog section which serves gourmet hot dogs. Through curtains, there is also a secret restaurant at the back. It has chef’s tables and cooking going on in front of customers, which makes it quite a special place.”

A range of materials were used in the restaurant, giving it an urban feel.

David Elms said:

“The whole design is quite industrial looking. In the rear of the restaurant there is a stainless steel kitchen counter, the front of which is clad in zinc. We’ve created timber wall cladding from reclaimed timbers and also rusted panels. The wine storage is all being made from mild steel mesh to give an industrial look.

Bubbledogs restaurant  London

“The bar itself is clad in copper sheet with reclaimed metal work features; the balustrades, windows and doors are all in rustic steel sheet and steel mesh. All the wall cladding and flooring that we used was reclaimed.”

The project did encounter some issues, mainly to do with the size of the space and making sure the building was structurally sound.

David Elms said:

“There were a few issues with getting the air conditioning correct and strengthening the roof structure. Everything just had to be really accurate due to the amount of space.

“This is an average sized project for us but each one brings its own challenges. This one was particularly difficult with trying to fit everything in, but we’re always pleased to be involved and it’s great seeing a high-quality finished product knowing you have overcome a number of setbacks.”

Bubbledogs restaurant  London

DEP Construction

DEP Construction Services Ltd has worked in the leisure and retail sectors for over 25 years, providing a comprehensive construction and fit-out service. DEP Construction has a large amount of experience and a proven capability in delivering projects to a very high standard, on budget and on time.

DEP Construction is able to undertake projects of any size across the country and are committed to working in a way which reduces the environmental impact of their work.

On Bubbledogs restaurant, DEP Construction worked to bring the design from B3 Designers to life. They completed the fit out of the restaurant, including installing the copper bar, kitchen table, preparation kitchen and wine storage.

David Elms, Managing Director of DEP Construction said:

“The actual fit out itself went fairly straightforwardly apart from making sure that everything fitted, it was such a tight space.

“We sourced the raw materials and translated B3’s design into reality. We’ve done work for them before so we pretty much know the look they want and I think we’ve achieved something quite different.

“There were a number of unexpected problems encountered, but we pride ourselves at being good at getting things done and this restaurant is now open and trading, having overcome all the issues.”

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