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Award for Pizza Express in Plymouth

Pizza Express Plymouth Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2012- Adrian Baynes

Designer and Architect Adrian Baynes has won an award for his work on the new Pizza Express in Plymouth.

Adrian scooped the award for Best Multiple Restaurant at the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2012.

Director of Baynes & Co., Adrian said:

“At Pizza Express there is a requirement that every restaurant should be different and that each restaurant should relate to the town or city it is in. For the Plymouth restaurant we took a naval theme for the design and created the wavy wall and the naval tattoo.”

The £500,000 project began in April 2011 and was completed in June 2011.

Adrian said:

“There is always a project management architectural company, Butler Associates, who create the overall layout for the kitchen and general positioning of everything. I then come in and design the restaurant and modify the layout as necessary, create the furniture layout, kitchen counters, toilet layouts and generally create the look and feel of the whole restaurant.

“Pizza Express like their restaurants to have original features that relate to the locality. Plymouth could be said to be the home of the Royal Navy, so it was a logical starting point to use maritime references for the interior.

Pizza Express Plymouth Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2012- Adrian Baynes

“A huge wavy wall constructed of timber laths forms one side of the restaurant, with infill pieces describing an abstracted wave of water. The timber can also be seen as the hull of a boat. A white painted plimsol line adds an extra layer of complexity to the wall. The plimsol line paintwork was applied to the panels, which also gives a “horizon line” effect to the interior.

Built in the Barbican Leisure Park, this is the second Pizza Express in Plymouth. Adrian was keen to add imaginative features into the design to create a practical space that reflected Plymouth’s history.

Adrian said:

“Baynes & Co. commissioned legendary Plymouth tattoo artist Doc Price to create a typical sailors tattoo design. He came up with a rose, which we had “tattooed” onto oak faced paneling in 12mm diameter holes opposite the wavy wall.

“We also wanted to provide good acoustics to encourage conversation- we designed a custom acoustic baffle system in suspended foam, with a central feature to contain the air conditioning system.

Bamboo flooring, marble tables and warm golden upholstery completed the scene.”

Established in 1981, Baynes & Co. is a UK based interior and architectural design practice which specialises in bars, restaurants & nightclubs for interior design and new houses for architecture.

Adrian also creates bespoke artwork for restaurants, bars and public areas and is a great believer in enjoying work and using a sense of humour. He hopes that his pleasure is transmitted to the customers who use his designs.

Baynes & Co. have won awards for both interior design and architecture and received the award for Best Multiple Restaurant at the Bar and Restaurant Awards 2012 for their work on Pizza Express.

Adrian said:

“I have worked for Pizza Express for around six years. Every restaurant that I have created has a different theme – Lakeside was quite an interesting one, using inspiration of lakes, water and fish. Working on the restaurant in Headingly in Leeds was also really enjoyable. In Coventry we based the design around the bicycle and in Eastbourne we used Lewis Carroll as inspiration.

Pizza Express Plymouth Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2012- Adrian Baynes

“It’s been an enjoyable project and similar to the other new builds I have worked on. The art work also incorporates acoustics so it enables the restaurant to be quiet which encourages conversation.

“Pizza Express was a good client to work for in so far that they encouraged every restaurant to be different. Unfortunately they’ve now changed the system and all the restaurants are now built to a manual.”

On his award-winning business, Adrian said:

“I also won best bar award in 2010 and last year was shortlisted for best new building under £ 250,000 by the Architects Journal.

“You always hope it’s going to raise your profile and as a result you might get invited to do some interesting work.”

Oast Technical Services Ltd

Oast Technical Services work on all of the pizza express new builds, supplying their stainless steel kitchen equipment both front and back of house including staff lockers, fridges, bottle chillers, washer wear, ice machines, walk in cold rooms and freezers.

Director Peter Jordan said:

“The equipment we supply is a well trodden footprint for Pizza Express, we just have to make it fit within the constraints that the main architects and designers come up with. The design that David Baines came up with at the Plymouth restaurant was particularly striking. It was brilliant.

“All our equipment is bespoke- we don’t have a one size fits all policy. We can supply anything to fit anywhere and it is installed by our own fitters, we don’t use sub contractors. We also have our own in house CAD design team, providing detailed site and as built drawings.”

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