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Nurturing The Jam Tree

Wahaca- Milson Road, Kensington

 The Jam Tree opened its doors for the first time in April 2010, with its premier site in Milson Road, Kensington.

The success of this initial offering led to the launch of a second site in May 2011, this time on the Kings Road in Chelsea, and was recently followed by a third site in September 2012 on Clapham Old Road.

The Jam Tree Clapham is situated right in the heart of Clapham Old town and is a 150-cover restaurant and bar, covering approximately 3,000 sq ft. The menu at The Jam Tree Clapham features modern British favourites, alongside dishes from a range of countries and combines exotic ingredients with local produce. With two airy rooms, a beautiful outdoor space and the capacity for approximately 400 guests, the site is the perfect place to eat, drink and relax.

The Jam Tree Director, Yann Roberts, said:

“To date The Jam Tree Clapham is the third site for The Jam Tree brand. All of our sites are based in London and are perfect examples of independently owned, contemporary pubs.

“The food concept of The Jam Tree is Anglo-colonial, which is basically British food, with additional dishes taken from countries which were former British colonies, such as Malaysia, America and India.

“In addition to our distinctive menu, we also offer cocktails which have become quite well known in London as they use jam as one of the main ingredients.

“The whole of the Jam Tree concept is that food comes first and everything else follows.”

Work began on The Jam Tree Clapham in August 2012. Prior to work taking place on the project, the site was an existing bar/restaurant so the refurbishment programme was kept to a minimum and predominately concentrated on a few cosmetic enhancements.

Wahaca- Milson Road, Kensington

As part of the work on the site a new floor was installed, the internal layout was reconfigured and associated signage was installed. The building was also rewired, some redecoration works took place and the site was fully furnished.

A significant new feature at The Jam Tree Clapham Road is its stylish tin ceiling. The ceiling is a very unique aspect to the building which not only reflects light throughout the bar but also adds a level of glitz and glamour to the site.

Trabor was the main contractor on the project, whilst Yann Roberts was responsible for the interior design of The Jam Tree Clapham. Many of the restaurant’s unique interior elements were sourced from Andy Thornton, the UK’s largest supplier of architectural salvage.

Yann said:

“From my experience of working in the trade it is the way in which people respond to each site that really helps to shape the internal design work of the next restaurant.

“At The Jam Tree we make use of many antique elements to add character and as I am not one for creating a uniform site, I always try and mix up the different types of furniture that we include.

“I judge a site on how it makes me feel and then I talk to manufacturers and make my design decisions based on what I think will work well.”

Wahaca- Milson Road, Kensington

Yann added:

“The feedback for Jam Tree Clapham has been excellent. The customers have all been very positive and although we are concentrating on continuing the success of this site, moving forward we would like to look at another site in around six months time.”

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