The Cube: Destination dining

The Cube-Brussels

Designed to offer a memorable eating experience via a selection of different locations in Europe, the Cube – Dining with a View – is a unique concept in continental dining.

The main aim of the Cube is to provide an exquisite eatery that can travel from one location to the next, appearing in some of Europe’s most prestigious places.

The semi-transparent structure has so far been positioned on top of buildings, monuments and even a float on water, and has taken in such destinations as Belgium, Italy, Russia, Switzerland and Sweden.

Conceived by Belgian event agency, Absolute Blue and commissioned by Electrolux, the Cube was launched in Brussels in April 2011 where it sat atop the Parc du Cinquantenaire for three months before it was relocated to its next destination.

The Cube-Brussels

Work began on the Cube in June 2010. Nüssli AG was the main contractor on the Cube, whilst Park Associati was the architect and Studio FM Milano provided the site’s logo and texture design.

Park Associati Architect Partner, Michele Rossi, said:

“The Cube is a very unique concept in dining. The restaurant is a small pavilion measuring 90 sq metres and was conceived to be a site that could be mounted in various locations throughout Europe.

“Before we started working on the project we decided to place the Cube in specific locations, so that we could have a temporary restaurant, featuring Michelin star chefs, which could appear in some very famous places.

“The concept came from event agency, Absolute Blue, who allowed us to develop this idea into a great marketing strategy. The building is easy to install and relocate, and unlike some temporary structures which are not constructed to last, the Cube maintains the high quality of a permanent structure.

“The Cube has been designed to accommodate very different climates, so whether it is a hot summer in Italy or a cold winter in Sweden the building is perfectly suited to its new home and the food preparation area was designed so the chef always remains on display. Diners can see what food the chef is preparing, which not only creates an interesting environment it allows the restaurant to become a destination for diners who are really passionate about their food.”

The Cube-Brussels

The building comprises a large open-planned space, with a visible kitchen and a large dining table able to accommodate up to 18 guests. The table can be raised and made to disappear into the ceiling in order to create an after-dinner lounge area.

The interior of the Cube was designed to suit different arrangements, making it easily adaptable to each location and the fully-fitted kitchen houses many top of the range, high-tech Electrolux appliances. The Cube was constructed from a mix of eco-friendly and energy saving materials and wherever it is located the restaurant always offers diners maximum comfort and a fantastic dining experience.

Michele Rossi added:

“Being a part of the Cube was very important for us at Park Associati. Our practice is now over ten years old and we work across a range of projects, from large buildings to interior work, but the Cube is one of those projects that has certainly helped us to raise our profile in the industry.

“The Cube was a very challenging project, but this was something that we particularly enjoyed as we were given the opportunity to uncover solutions which create a very different form of dining.

The Cube-Brussels

“The Cube has been very successful since it launched, which is something Electrolux have been very happy about and when placed in these magnificent and historical locations, the Cube instantly becomes a part of the landscape.”

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