Community Centre taking shape in Townhead

Townhead Village- Community Centre Strathclyde

A £1.65 million project is underway to bring a new community centre to Strathclyde.

The Townhead Village Hall project comprises the erection of a single-storey, multi-use building and associated landscaping. Once complete the building will measure 900 sq metres and will boast a café, a large hall, a learning centre and two nurseries, in addition to offices and changing facilities.

A number of the rooms at Townhead Village Hall will also be made available for hire to local services providers.

The construction of the community centre is a brand new initiative that is being implemented to improve facilities within the local community. The project has been in the pipeline since 2004, but has been the subject of discussion within the community for over 20 years.

The project is being funded by the National Lottery through the BIG Lottery fund, Scottish Government Vacant and Derelict Land Fund, Glasgow Housing Association, Glasgow Community Planning Partnership, Hugh Fraser Foundation, Landfill Community Fund (LCF) and Glasgow City Council.

Glasgow City Council Leader, Gordon Matheson, said:

“I am very excited that this new hall will at last be built after all the efforts of the local community and partner organisations.

“It will make a big difference to the lives of the local people and I thank everyone involved.”

Townhead Village Hall Chairwoman, Betty Dougan, added:

“I have been involved in this project for many years. After all our hard work it is really good to see that this village hall is happening. I look forward to being able to walk into our new building early next year.”

Work began on the project in April 2012. CCG is the main contractor on the Townhead Village Hall project, whilst Ingenium Archial is providing all architectural services. Bob Turnbull of CRGP Limited is the project manager.

Prior to work taking place on the development, the land was a Brownfield site situated within a residential area of Townhead Village. The village is one of the oldest areas of Glasgow and the community centre is being implemented to provide residents with a facility that can cater for both elderly residents and young families.

The new building has been constructed from a mix of masonry, timber and steel, with an aluminium roof and aluminium clad timber frame windows. The external facade of the building comprises a mix of facing brick and zinc panelling. The central café space is glazed on the north and south facades allowing the building to be open to both the main street and garden space behind.

Once the centre is open to the public the café will act as the central hub of the facility and will create a social space that connects up all of the areas of the building.

Ingenium Archial Architect, Simon Fisher, said:

“At present construction is running on programme and the building is almost wind and water tight. External walls are complete and the contractor is beginning to fit out internal areas.

“Working on the Townhead Village Hall project has been a rewarding experience as it is a building which has been eagerly desired by the client group and will also bring benefit to the wider local community.

“Witnessing the construction of the Village Hall is a great encouragement to the local community. In one way or another residents have been working to provide a facility like this for over 20 years and Ingenium Archial has been involved in the project for the last seven years.

“The completed building will give residents the space that they have eagerly anticipated: a safe and pleasant place at the heart of the community for the residents of Townhead and their friends to meet and socialise.”

CRGP Project Manager, Bob Turnbull, said:

“The management of this project has been complicated and difficult however the various parties to the project, such as the community, grant bodies, TVH board and the design team have all contributed in a way that has engendered good team work. When this supportive environment is created it makes working on a project like this a pleasure and on completion everyone will be rewarded with a superb facility for the community in Townhead.”

Townhead Village Hall is scheduled to reach completion in March 2013.

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