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Veka Mixing Plant

Veka Mixing Building- Burnley Head Office

Work has begun on a new £4 million mixing plant at VEKA’s Burnley Head Office.

Once finished the plant will be the most technically-advanced mixing plant in the UK. Veka Plc is a worldwide manufacturer of UPVC windows, composite and UPVC doors systems.

VEKA MD David Jones said:

“The new mixing plant will be fully automated, meaning it will be capable of processing almost double our current capacity in tonnes, which will allow for future growth and expansion. The new mixers and coolers are the most technically-advanced available.

“In the past we have bought in ready-mixed compound powder; however as part of our investment to the UK since last year’s acquisition of Bowater Building Products, we will now mix our own on-site, which will be transferred to the extrusion lines via the silos in the newly-built powder feed system.

“As we strive to maintain our number one position in the industry, the VEKA UK Group will continue to invest in the UK market. The recent multi-million pound investments into a new powder feed system and now the mixing plant demonstrates our long term commitment to the UK and our customers.”

Veka Mixing Building- Burnley Head Office

The project started, in terms of design, in September 2011 and is due to be completed around February 2013.

The main contractor is Craig Hambling Ltd and the consultant engineer is Francis A Bradshaw Partnership.

Senior Partner Peter Calvert from Francis A Bradshaw Partnership spoke to Premier Construction about the project. He said:

“The extension to the existing factory complex will comprise of a steel framed five storey construction with concrete floors incorporating service and lift shafts, an underground basement, advanced mixers, coolers and an additional four storage silos for raw materials. Externally there will be a further six silos built adjacent to the new building together with a concrete hardstanding and specialist drainage systems.

Veka Mixing Building- Burnley Head Office

“This mixing plant has environmentally friendly elements to it, for example it will reduce the amount of material that gets delivered to various parts of the country, it now can all come to this factory site. Therefore it will reduce the number of vehicle movements on the roads.”

The building is a large addition to the existing Veka factory, at around 26 metres high and covers an area of 25 metres by 25 metres.

Peter added:

“It’s a complex project by the very nature of the fact that the plant and equipment going in is complex itself.

Veka Mixing Building- Burnley Head Office

“It was important to be involved as it’s an exciting project and we’re delighted to be involved in something which is at the forefront of the production of plastics in the UK. It’s an interesting and challenging project.

“I have done mixing plants before but as technology moves on, so therefore the building structure must move on, and along with it the layout of the building.

“The project is still going forward and there’s still a lot to do but it’s gone very well so far.”

Veka Mixing Building- Burnley Head Office

Craig Hambling Ltd

Formed in 1979, Hambling Construction has successfully operated from its current Accrington base for almost 30 years. The Director’s have built a professional team of management and highly skilled operatives, many of which were trained in-house and remain with the company.

Contracts are regularly undertaken throughout northern England and partnering arrangements in place with an ever increasing number of key clients. Specialist fit-out projects utilise their advanced workshop facilities.

The company has a proven track record in understanding the particular demands of public and private sector clients. It prides itself on the dedication of its workforce and compliance with the standards of quality, health & safety and best practices within the industry.

Hambling Construction is Constructionline registered, hold accreditations with CHAS, Investors in People and are ISO 9001 certified.

A reputation for commitment and attention to detail has the earned the company much recognition with a cross-section of clients including local authorities, healthcare trusts, education bodies, housing groups, government departments, police authorities and public & private companies of all sizes.

Following the acquisition of Burnley based contractors R Pilling and Son Ltd early in 2012, Hambling Construction now has the scope to undertake an even broader range of projects, particularly those with a Civil Engineering bias.

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